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Author: MINK









She’s in the shower. I love it when she’s in the shower. The water falling down her tight body as she stands under the spray, completely unaware I’m watching.

Humming, she lathers up her loofah and starts sudsing her smooth skin, the bubbles sliding down her neck to her high, round tits, then lower to that patch of dark curls between her thighs.

Alessa. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, the jewel in the crown of our joined families.

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

She’s also my stepsister.

My phone vibrates, a message from my father, no doubt. He’s the head of our family. The king of this city’s underworld. His wife, Allegra, is the veritable queen. They formed an alliance a few years ago by combining our families. It made sense. He was a widower, she a widow. And together, they crushed their enemies in a relentless grip.

I didn’t mind the arrangement. It was just one business deal in a long line of deals. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw her.

Five years younger than me and with an innocence I doubt I ever possessed, Alessa is everything I’m not. My mouth waters as she rinses away the soap bubbles, her long dark hair flowing down her back in an ebony waterfall. I want her so badly. Doing this to myself is torture, but I can’t stop.

So I ignore my phone and keep my eyes on her. Following every single movement, tracing the lines of her body as if I’m the water running along that warm, smooth surface. My gaze lingers on her face. She closes her eyes, enjoying the water.

Her lips part as she slips one hand down her throat, between her tits, along her stomach, and then to that secret spot of pleasure between her creamy thighs.

My cock, already about to burst free, kicks against my zipper when she spreads her pretty little lips and starts touching herself.

I groan and reach for my zipper.

My phone vibrates again.

I ignore it. Again.

She lets her head fall back as she strokes herself. Fuck, I’ve never seen her do this before. She needs me, needs my cock desperately. I want to give it all to her, but I can’t.

Her sweet little noises are like fire in my veins, and I free my cock and give it some long, sure strokes. Then I time it with the way her hips are moving. Little thrusts of her body that jolt through me, ending in my balls.

I move with her, wanting so badly to be inside that pretty little pussy. Each stroke is agony, each look at her a taste of delight. I can’t stop myself, not when she’s panting so roughly, her nipples hard, her body taut. Fuck, I can’t hold out.

Then she says the one thing that sends me over the edge.


My name leaves her lips, and she’s moaning. I watch her come apart on her fingers as she repeats my name.

I let go, spraying on the door jamb like a horny teenage boy. But I can’t stop, not when I know she burns for me the same way I do for her.

When she lets out the last little moan, I finally take a breath. Quickly, I grab a hand towel from just inside the bathroom and clean up my mess. All that cum should’ve been inside Alessa. I should’ve fucked a baby into her, should’ve given her every bit of me.

But, again, I can’t. The scandal would ruin our families. Our duty is to our parents, to being the people they want us to be. They fought and scraped to get to the top, and we have to honor their sacrifices by following their lead.

I know that watching Alessa and shadowing her every move dishonors my father and my family. But I can’t stop. I never could. Not from the first moment I saw her. Then, though, she was young. Too young for me. So I stayed away. I couldn’t be near her. Instead, I went off to college. But I still watched. And waited.

Now I’m back. As the family’s attorney, I do all sorts of dirty work to keep us on top. I don’t mind it. I’d much rather be cracking skulls and enforcing with my fists, but I still get to do plenty of that when our men get out of line. Not to mention, I take great pleasure in fucking up the Perths. Those Irish bastards think they can go toe to toe with us. Not a chance.

The water turns off and brings me back to myself. Fuck. I have to get out of here before she sees me.

Turning quickly, I rush to the door right as my phone vibrates again. With a practiced ease, I slip out of Alessa’s room and adopt a nonchalant stroll down the hallway.

When my father turns the corner ahead of me, his dark eyes narrow. “Where the hell have you been?”

“What’s got you in a twist?” I answer with a question.

“The Perths, that’s what.” He sighs and motions for me to follow him.

“What have those assholes done this time?” I smirk. “Is this about me beating Finnegan’s ass two weeks ago? I told you, he was on our turf. Practically asking for it.” I hate that motherfucker more than any other Perth. He acts like he’s king shit, when really he’s a big pussy who went crying to Daddy after I roughed him up.

“No.” He turns into his office and slumps down into the chair behind his desk. He looks older than ever.

“Holy shit. Is it that bad?” I run a hand through my hair.

“The worst.” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Tell me what you need me to do.” I do a mental rundown of all my weapons, then reach for my phone to text Lou and Anthony, my right-hand guys. If things are about to get bloody, I’ll want them by my side.

“What I want you to do?” He shakes his head. “Nothing. This is what’s best for the family.”

“Pop, you’re worrying me here.” I stand just across the desk from him. “What are you talking about?”

“Alessa. They want Alessa to marry Finnegan.”

Over my dead fucking body. My blood goes cold, murder tearing through my heart on a rampage.

He sighs heavily again. “And her mother already said yes.”









Something is up. I eye my mom as she puts a few white chocolate chip cookies onto a plate and brings them over. She sets them down in front of me. It's my favorite snack and pretty much the only thing she can make without burning the house down. Yet, I know that her making them for me means she’s about to drop something on me that she thinks might upset me.

“What’s going on?” I pick up one of the cookies and take a bite. I let out a small moan as the sweetness hits my tongue. They’re still warm in the center. She hasn’t even told me why she’s buttering me up, and I’m already forgiving her.

“You’re getting older.” She pulls out the chair next to mine, sitting down at the kitchen island with me.

“I am. So I should get more freedom.” I smirk.

I love my mom and even my stepfather, but they are ridiculously overprotective. I’ve never been allowed to leave the house without a guard in tow. Even throughout high school, I was taken to and from school by security. It was embarrassing.

I’m not sure why that was necessary, especially since it was an all girls school. I think they were trying to protect me from boys, but I’m pretty sure there were some girls in my school that could have ripped apart any boy that crossed their paths.

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