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Looking for You (Boggy Creek Valley #6)
Author: Kelly Elliott




“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life,” Everly said softly as she stared out at the view before us.

I chuckled. “I can imagine you’ve seen a lot of places that are more beautiful than a hiking trail in New Hampshire. I mean, you’ve been all over the world.” Everly was a climatologist for the NOAA, after all.

I’d only known her for a couple of days, but man, had she made an impression on me the moment she flashed that beautiful smile of hers.

Everly was the sister of Hudson Higgins, who was dating my sister, Greer. Greer owned a bookstore in our hometown of Boggy Creek, and Hudson had come to town a few weeks ago seeking solitude to finish a book he was writing. Now Everly and her parents had arrived in Boggy Creek, as well, to spend a few days here to visit Hudson and meet Greer.

I had offered to take Hudson and his family, along with Greer, on a hike today. I loved hiking, and being on the state search and rescue team, I knew these trails like the back of my hand.

She smiled and turned to look at me. She was standing up on a rock, so we were eye to eye. “Every place has its own kind of beauty, I think. You wouldn’t see a stunning glacier so blue it takes your breath away here in New Hampshire, but you wouldn’t see this particular scenery in Greenland or Iceland either.”

I nodded. “Tell me what they look like.”

It was her turn to laugh. “What do you mean?”

“Icebergs. Describe one to me.”

A look of pure happiness appeared on her face as she closed her eyes and spoke. “They’re the most beautiful things to behold. Pure white mountains that erupt from the water.” She opened her eyes as she went on. “My most favorite thing about an iceberg is where the waterline is. Sometimes the water is so blue it looks fake. And the ice can take on that color, especially at different times of day. They’re majestic, mysterious, beautiful, and powerful. When they reflect on the water, it really makes you pause and think about how fragile life is. How fragile this world is. They’re magical.”

“Magical, huh? I wouldn’t have thought someone would describe an iceberg as magical,” I said.

“I don’t know why.” She shrugged and giggled. “They have this magic about them. I have so many pictures of icebergs, it’s unreal. If you ever get the chance to see one in person, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say they have a bit of magic to them.”

I stared over at her. “I’d love to see one someday.”

“And I would love to show you one someday.”

Our eyes locked, and my heart sped up to a crazy-fast beat. The woman standing before me certainly made my body feel things I’d never felt before. She had a bit of magic to her as well.

Her smile faded slightly when her eyes dropped to my mouth, and I had to fight the urge to moan. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her green eyes had flecks of gold in them. She was stunning.

Maybe it was because all my friends were starting to settle down and live more domesticated lives, or maybe it was simply the woman standing in front of me. All I knew was that I’d wanted to get to know her better from the moment we met. Learn everything I could about her.

She took a step closer to me to where we were only inches apart. “I want to kiss you,” she whispered.

I wasn’t entirely sure she realized she’d spoken the words out loud. Honestly, I’d barely heard them over the rush of the water behind us.

I looked up the trail and then back to Everly. Greer and Hudson, along with Everly’s father, Doug, and mother, Melinda, had already started up the trail and were slightly ahead of us. They were all just out of sight.

I took a step closer to Everly and placed my hand on the side of her face, loving how her head tilted into my touch. Leaning down, I stopped inches from her lips and spoke softly. “I want to kiss you too.”

It was Everly who bridged the space between us.

My entire body caught fire as our mouths connected. When I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, she opened to me. The moment our tongues touched, my knees felt like they might buckle. It should have scared the shit out of me. No woman had ever made me feel this way.

She brought her arms up and around my neck, and when her fingers dove into my hair, I wanted to purr like a damn cat.

I knew if I didn’t stop the kiss, things would get too heated—at least for me they would. And I was pretty sure for her, as well, especially with the way she gripped my hair and got lost in the kiss.

Drawing back, I leaned my forehead against hers. We both took in a few deep breaths before Everly spoke first.


I couldn’t help but laugh as we drew away from one another. Her eyes searched my face before she looked past me to the trail where my sister and her parents and brother had disappeared. It was late fall and almost all the leaves had fallen, yet there was still enough to make the scenery surrounding us beautiful. A gust of wind rained down leaves of deep red, orange, and yellow every now and then, giving the area the most peaceful feeling one could experience. The trail we were hiking was popular, but right then it was like only Everly and I existed in this stunning wonder of nature.

Everly stepped back and gave me a small shake of her head. “We should probably catch up with everyone.”

With a quick nod, I replied, “Right, don’t want to get too far behind.”

Everly took one last glimpse at my lips before she cleared her throat, and I helped her down off the rock.

Four Hours Later

“Are you hiding out here?”

The sound of her sweet voice filled the night air, and I turned to see Everly stepping out of the back door of my parents’ house. After our hike, I had suggested we head over to my parents’ so everyone could meet. With the way Greer and Hudson were clearly falling for one another, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were all family someday in the future.

We had gotten pulled into a few rounds of pick-up sticks, and after losing a few times—and having to pretend that every time Everly laughed or smiled wasn’t driving me mad—I found I needed some fresh air. It hadn’t helped that Bishop, one my best friends, was also there and flirting with Everly. I had never wanted to punch him like I had a few times tonight.

I turned and leaned against the railing, crossing my arms over my chest. “Not hiding, just taking a few minutes to catch my breath.”

Everly smiled and made her way over to me. “Well, I think I need to hide from your friend Bishop.”

Laughing, I turned and looked back out over the night sky. There was a forest behind my parents’ house, and I stared off into the woods. “Bishop is harmless.”

She stood next to me. “How long have you known him?”

I shrugged. “My whole life, pretty much. He’s one of my best friends.”

She leaned her arms on the railing. “How many best friends do you have?”

There was a bit of humor in her voice, and I found I liked this teasing version of Everly very much. “You don’t have more than one best friend?”

When she didn’t answer right away, I looked at her. She was staring up at the almost-full moon. “I have one. Her name is Kristy. I met her on my first day of work at NOAA. We’ve been thick as thieves ever since.”

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