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States of Love : Idaho Idol
Author: Ann Omasta







I’ve been a luxury yacht stewardess long enough to know the rules. The most important one being… Don’t get involved with the charter guests.

Sure, we chat and flirt with them, but we are supposed to maintain a professional distance. They have hired us to make sure they have an amazing time while on board the ship, and that’s exactly what we do. But we’re careful not to cross that invisible boundary that separates us from them.

We are hired hands, working hard, and hoping for generous tips. They are the richest of the rich, spending a few days living it up on the water, while we cater to their every whim.

There are so many stories of lonely stewardesses falling for a wealthy, powerful primary guest during charter, only to find out that he viewed their torrid love affair as merely a short-term vacation fling. I’ve heard that tired tale time and again.

I understand the rule about not fraternizing with charter guests. I know why it’s in place, and I always obey it––well, almost always.

When Gavin Timberbatch boarded the Sea Dreams, the mere sight of him took my breath away.

I’ve seen my fair share of famous movie stars, iconic athletes, and other celebrities. It normally doesn’t faze me in the slightest, but one look at that sexy rock star had me ready to throw the rule book overboard and become a Timberbitch.

That’s what they call his hordes of groupies, Timberbitches. It’s belittling and offensive, but suddenly I want to be one. I’ll join any group that allows me to exist in the same orbit with this irresistible man.

He has more charisma than any person I’ve ever met. It’s almost like he glows. I’m physically drawn to him in a way I can’t even explain.

I’d known he was handsome and talented before meeting him, but seeing him in person rocks my world––literally; my normally steady sea legs fumble beneath me from the mere sight of him.

We openly flirt throughout his charter, and I even go to the master suite with him one night. I’m not sure what will happen in there, but I don’t care. I’m ready to steal away with him, and I’m prepared to lose my job over it.

I’ve never been this reckless, but I’m completely infatuated with Gavin.

We spend hours in his luxurious master cabin talking, laughing, and snuggling. The notorious bad-boy doesn’t even try to kiss me. It makes me fall even harder for him.

My roommate and third stew, Tori, knows I’m spending time alone with Gavin in his cabin. She probably assumes we’re having a steamy affair. It’s tempting to tell her my relationship with the famous rocker is so much more than that, but if she decides to tell on me to our supervisors, I’ll lose my job regardless of how real our feelings are for each other.

His charter goes by too quickly and before I even comprehend what’s happening, we’re docking and it’s time for him to disembark.

Even though I’ve only known him a few days, I’m in love with this man, and I would gladly leave with him if he asks. But, he doesn’t.

He leaves and promises to stay in touch with me. I don’t even have to worry for a moment if that’s a lie because he texts me before he leaves the dock.

We spend the next several days on the phone any time I get a break in my hectic work schedule.

When I develop a fever one day, he offers to fly back to Hawaii to take care of me. I insist that I’ll be fine, but he remains on the phone line as I lie in bed and doze. Every time I wake up, he’s there waiting. I’ve never felt so cared for or adored.

The bug turns out to just be a twenty-four-hour virus, so I get back to work as soon as I begin feeling better. I can’t wait to finish out the end of this charter season and show up as a surprise on Gavin’s doorstep.

I’d leave now, but I committed to work this entire season, and I don’t want to leave my coworkers shorthanded. We have become a close-knit family over the past several weeks, and I refuse to let them down.

After the bomb scare and almost losing Tori and the captain, my first call is to Gavin. I want to rush straight into his arms, but he is oddly distant during our conversation. I can tell he’s distracted, but I can’t get him to open up to me about what is going on.

He convinces me to stay in Hawaii until after the crew wrap-up party, and promises that everything will be better after that.

When the day of the party finally arrives, I pack my few belongings. Almost everything I brought with me this season was destroyed when the yacht exploded. My plan is to head to the airport as soon as this celebration ends.

We have a wonderful, relaxing time celebrating the end of an unbelievably eventful charter season. I smile as I listen to the large table of rowdy crew members. Gavin was right to suggest I stay for this. I needed some closure before moving on to the next stage of my life––with him.

It’s starting to look like things are breaking up enough for me to make an exit without being rude, when Hannah glares down at her phone.

She turns to me to ask, “Did you already hear the news about our favorite rock star charter guest, Gavin Timberbatch?”

The blood drains from my face. I try to keep my voice from emerging too frantic and squeaky when I say, “No, why?”

It’s obvious from her almost gleeful tone that the woman has no idea how real and strong my feelings are for the musician. It’s all I can do not to shake her for answers when she gapes at her phone’s screen and hints, “Wow, this is huge. He’s for sure going to be canceled over this.”









As a teenager, I struggled to get dates, but as an adult, I’ve had more than my fair share of luck with the ladies. Ever since I won that nationwide, televised singing competition, my life has become a whirlwind of tour dates, screaming fans, and more money and fame than I ever dared to dream of having.

Pleasuring a new woman in my bed in a different city every night was fun for a while, but it’s growing tiresome. What I need now is a real relationship with a lady who wants to get to know me, not just someone seeking bragging rights about a hot night of fun between the sheets with a famous rock star.

Steamy one-nighters only seem to make the ever-growing void in my chest deepen. The wealthy celebrity lifestyle is what I always dreamed of and thought I wanted, but I’m finding out that it’s not fulfilling. Instead, I crave normalcy and true connection.

Eventually, I’d like to settle down, but it’s probably too soon to be thinking about that. I’m still fairly young, plus I’m extremely sought after––due to my wealth and celebrity status. Meaningless flings are a natural part of the wild and crazy life I’m meant to be living right now––at least that’s what I keep trying to convince myself.

When I finally have a short break in my hectic touring schedule, I decide to take the band, my personal assistant, and my manager on a quick trip to Hawaii. We charter a luxury yacht and plan to make the most of our brief time off.

As soon as I walk on board the luxurious ship, I’m drawn to Demi. The other women who work on the ship are gorgeous, but they pale in comparison to Demi.

I flash her my notorious, cocky grin and receive in return a demure and professional half-smile. The woman is polite and friendly, but it’s obvious that she isn’t the slightest bit impressed by my fame or fortune. I guess it makes sense, since only super wealthy guests charter this yacht, but her lack of interest in my flirtation drives me absolutely mad with desire for her.

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