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Violent Promises (Blackridge Prep #3)
Author: A.R. Breck





Violent Promises contains mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable. Foul language, criminal activity, drug use, explicit scenes, blood play, murder, physical and sexual abuse are included in this book. People with triggers should read with caution.





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“We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

– Richard Ramirez




To those fighting for love… never give up.




“Get her out of the water,” a voice above me growls with a heavy accent, his words barely audible.

My body feels as if it’s floating, and I feel disconnected from myself. Like I’m not a part of my soul, but instead detached, somewhere else. I can’t see anything, only darkness surrounds me.

What has happened to me?

“Just let her die,” another man says. None of their voices are familiar, all foreign to me, strangers. Ice prickles my bones at their cruel tones. I’m freezing. All I can smell is salt and death around me.

“I’m not going to let her die! She doesn’t get to get out of it that easily. She fucking owes me.” A heavy fist slams into my chest, and the wind is instantly knocked out of me.

Where is Caelian?

“We need to get out of here. Shit is about to go down and we can’t be on board. They’re looking for the other bodies now.”

Other bodies? Who? Caelian? Caelian!

“I’ll call Quinn. Have him get the plane ready,” another voice says before the clacking of shoes wanders off at a rapid pace.

“Wake the fuck up.” Another punch to my chest. “Wake up!” Punch. Punch.

What are they doing to me?

Pain lances through my body, all the way from my skin to my bones. I want to open my mouth to scream. I want to escape these voices and go back to what’s familiar. I’m scared. Bone-deep, I am terrified.

Where’s Aria?

Where’s Caelian?

Where the hell is Brody?

Panic rushes through my nerves like a vicious wave, and my mind seizes. It doesn’t stop their brutal attacks on my body, though, and no matter how badly I want to be numb, all I can feel is hit after hit, shove after shove against my breastbone.

“Fuck it,” he growls, moments before his warm lips secure against mine. They’re soft, firm, against my cold, cracked ones. My heart squeezes in my chest, and I want to howl in agony at another man’s lips on mine. I can do nothing except be a victim to his ministrations as he wipes away the imprint of Caelian’s lips and replaces them with his own.

My insides shatter, and I crumble, a gut-wrenching sob ripping through my mind as a crack slips down the center of my being, breaking me in two.

Air inflates my lungs, but my soul continues to scream as it watches it all.

My body might feel the agonizing pain, but my soul is dead.

His lips leave mine, and he pants above me, his breaths angry, strangled. He bends down, breathing in my ear as he growls, “You will wake up. You’ll wake up and you’ll be my fucking wife, because you owe me everything. You took from me, and now I’ll take from you. Bit by bit, inch by inch, flesh by flesh. Wake. The fuck. Up!” His fist slams into my chest with so much force I can feel a bruise instantly form, as my body jolts in agony.

My eyes fly open, and I bend over, water flushing from my nose and mouth in handfuls as the sea expels from my lungs.

I am alive.

My hands go to the wooden floor of the yacht, my flesh covered in goosebumps, chilled from being submerged in the water as I gasp in the crisp night air.

How long was I down there?

I glance down and see overly pruned fingers. My hands shake, and the tremble moves up to my arms and chest, until my entire body is convulsing in nerves. I gasp as I look around, seeing nothing but darkness. Dark sea, dark yacht, everything dark, dark, dark.

I’m all alone except for Connor O’Clare, who kneels beside me with a hateful glare.

His own suit is damp and wrinkled as he watches me, a slow, evil smirk overtaking his lips.

“Hello, beloved. Welcome back to life.”

I scowl at him, hating his voice and his words and his smug, Irish-looking face. My hand lifts to his chest as I attempt to shove him, but my limbs are heavy, and I can do nothing besides lay my palm against his wet, rough coat. My fingers curl around the soggy material, my knuckles locking from stress. “Leave me alone,” I growl, wishing I could tear him in two and push him away from me at the same time.

His face screws up in anger, and he slaps my hand away from him. “I don’t know how the rules were between you and the Morellis, but you won’t fucking get an attitude with me again or else there will be consequences.” I want to ask him to slow down so I can understand him with his thick accent, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m not going to stick around to figure him out.

“I’m not going with you,” I snap, shoving myself to a stand, stumbling away from him. The puddle beneath me makes the wooden floor slippery, and I wince as my feet slip from underneath me. My trembling hands grasp for anything, clenching around air, until Connor stands quickly, sweeping me off my feet. My fingers clench around his arms, and I hate the firmness and muscles that ripple under my touch. This man is a monster, a vile, wicked man who I want to toss into the dark waters.

He may be attractive, but he never will be Caelian.

“Nice fucking try,” he mumbles, and the scent of his thick cologne mixed with salty ocean water lingers up to my nose. I wrinkle my face in disgust, shoving myself away from him. It’s no use, though, as my limbs are weak, and I feel like a newborn as he carries me down the walkway.

Where is everyone?

The boat clearly isn’t moving anymore, and a glance toward the front of the yacht shows the port we arrived at.

Did everyone just… leave without me?

My eyes burn with unshed tears as I spot a group of the Irishmen I saw earlier watching us. Their dark clothes press to their lean forms, and their stone faces watch me with a distaste that could murder me in one breath. I chew on my lip, the skin cracking as a drop of blood coats my tongue. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to go near these men, and I don’t want to be trapped in Connor’s hold.

“No. Please, let me go. I don’t want to fucking go with you!” I attempt to wiggle out of his arms, but each shove of my hands against his chest feels like I’m hitting a brick wall. I’m incapable of getting away, and the uselessness of my body makes me so angry, so lit with fury I can do nothing except scream internally, even while my face remains stone. Connor may not be as strong as Caelian is, but he’s stronger than me by a lot right now.

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