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Ruthless Devil (The Ruthless Devils #4)
Author: Eve L. Mitchell


To the voices in my head, thank you for talking to me.

To the trained professionals reading this, I’m not insane…I’m an author.



Please note that the deviations that there may be from the cities mentioned in this book or surrounding area are to fit in with the story.

I am a British author and although I have tried to make this story as universal as I could, there will be some British spelling, phraseology, and terminology that I can’t (and won’t) eradicate from my writing.



Ruthless Devil



Onyx Santo.

Cold-hearted, harsh, and a brutal adversary.

They call him a Devil. I call him my nemesis.



His designer suits, expensive shoes, flashy car, and cruel intelligence can’t hide what he is underneath.




He fooled me once, and I swore he’d never get a second chance.

There is nothing he can do to redeem himself in my eyes.

As my most hated rival, the only time he makes me smile is when I’ve bested him in the boardroom.



But someone far worse is out to get me. Perhaps…even hurt me.

The police have no leads, and I have no idea who it could be.

I do know one man who doesn’t play by the rules. One man who could protect me.



I’d rather live in fear than ask for his help.



Ruthless Devil is a full-length enemies-to-lovers romance that is intended for mature readers. This is a standalone book and does not need to be read in conjunction with The Ruthless Devils series, but you may enjoy it more if you do. If you are not a fan of morally grey alphaholes or heroines who aren’t afraid to tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine, then you should keep scrolling.



*WARNING* This book features Onyx Santo, who was first introduced in The Ruthless Devils series, but this is his story and not a continuation of that series. To be clear, this book does not contain Jett, Gray or Ash. There may be a mention of them, but this is not about them or their story.



This book will contain themes that some readers may find triggering or offensive, such as dark themes, sexual/violent content, excessive swearing, and smouldering heat. If you’re still here and interested, buckle up and let this Devil take you on a crazy ride.



Did you read The Ruthless Devils series and hated Onyx in that series? Yes?



I have some advice for you.



Stop reading. Now! Onyx is who he is, and he will not apologise. So if you didn’t like his character before, then this book is not for you.



If you’re picking this book up with no prior knowledge of him, he isn’t cute, he isn’t quirky and he isn’t fluffy.



He’s a dick.



He’s an asshole.



He’s an alphahole of epic proportions.



Still undecided? Let me be clear. He is not a hero.



Still here? Let’s begin…



Six years ago

I sat in the car, frozen at the scene in front of me, looking at the two parked SUVs in front. Then I looked back at my date, whose knuckles were white on the steering wheel because he was gripping it so tightly. The cars in front blocked the road, halting our drive back to campus.

“What’s going on?” I asked him quietly. It seemed to be more than a car accident ahead. The more I looked, the more it was quite obvious that the cars weren’t there by accident at all.

They were placed there. Why?

“Dave?” I prompted him again, but his eyes were firmly fixed on the cars in front. Finally, he broke away from them and looked in the rearview mirror, his mouth a thin set line as his eyes narrowed.

Turning in my seat, I looked behind me. There was another SUV, blocking us in. Wetting my lips, I turned slowly back to face front. “What’s happening?”

I thought he was going to speak, but up ahead, the car doors opened, and three guys got out. Swivelling in my seat, I looked over my shoulder again. Another two guys were behind us, heading our way.

Five guys.

With baseball bats.

As they got closer, I realised they all had hoodies pulled up and over their heads. The headlights played havoc with their approach in the dark, and they were coming in and out of focus. But as they neared, I saw they wore bandanas covering the lower half of their faces, making it harder to identify them.

“Dave?” My voice was a low whisper. I’d been apprehensive before, but now…now I was scared. My date wasn’t answering, and no longer wanting an answer, I reached into my purse for my cell.

His hand grabbed mine, my cell falling to the floor as he shook his head. “No. No cops.”

“What? Why?” I demanded, but he said nothing else. “Do you know them?”

I screamed suddenly when the first baseball bat hit the car. “Fuck!” I yelled again when another followed, and then I heard the back taillight get smashed. My door was wrenched open, and one of them reached for me, hauling me out as I fought him. I may as well have hit a brick wall for all the good it did me.

“Settle down. We’re not here for you,” he said gruffly.

I watched as another swing of a baseball bat smashed onto the windshield, cracking it, the sound loud in the night. Dave was still in the car and making no effort to get out.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked as I struggled to get free of him. “Who are you?”

More swings and more damage happened as the four guys used Dave’s car like it was a piñata, and still he remained in the car.

“Why isn’t he getting out?” I cried as the hands holding me tightened. One of them at the car looked up and saw us standing there, watching. As he walked up to us both, his head jerked to the one holding me, telling him wordlessly to let me go. Which he did, leaving me free but frozen to the ground.

“Here, make the fucker hurt.” The new one passed the bat to the guy who had been holding me.

The words broke my daze, and I darted to the side, ready to run back to Cardinal if I had to. I heard a curse, and I knew someone was running after me.

“Oh no you don’t.” Hands grabbed me, lifting me against a chest as I was turned and carried back to the cars, as I kicked and struggled against him. “Crazy bitch, stay here.” Dark eyes glittered in the night as he stared down at me, his bandana tight across his face. “Don’t move, you wouldn’t want me to catch you a second time.”

Both of us turned to the sound of a door opening. Slowly, Dave was finally getting out. I heard the lunatic in front of me chuckle as he started to walk forward, now seemingly content to leave me behind. Hastily I grabbed his arm, halting him. I didn’t know why, but this one had a more dangerous vibe than the one who took me out of the car.

“Why?” I asked again. “Why are you doing this?”

He looked me over once before he looked back towards his friends, who now had Dave pinned against the car. “Mayhem.”

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