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Rector (Saints of San Angelo University Series #1)
Author: Kailin Gow






Age 18

The Summer Before Freshman Year at San Angelo U.



There was a fresh smelling chill in the morning air that was welcomed after the scorching weeks of the most recent heat wave to hit San Angelo, Texas.

I knew that it wouldn’t last long before the suffocating heat returned, so I took it in and enjoyed it.

Heading down to the park by the river to meet with the Saints, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Rhode Union, also known as The Rector, had asked me to meet him and his pals there.

Did he know about the crush that I had on him? Did he realize how often I dreamt of him? I’d lost count of the number of times I’d imagined myself in his arms, in his embrace, with those hot, dark smoldering eyes burrowing deep into mine.

As the eighteen-year-old heir to the Union Oil fortune, he had swarms of beauties all around him at all times. It was impossible to conceive that he would ever give a mousy little girl like me a second glance. But, recently, he’d taken the time to befriend little ole me after never noticing me since I first set foot in San Angelo High as a sophomore straight after relocating to San Angelo from Hollywood, California. Not the glamorous Hollywood, but the skanky one where I lived with my mother Roxy in an old rundown apartment along with her roommate Florence, two aspiring actresses.

By the time I was ten, my mother’s dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood had gone out the door, though, its flame burnt out after years of her working two to three jobs waitressing, cleaning rooms as a maid, and even as I suspect, being an escort. But she was all that I had, and I was all that she had when she ran away from home to Hollywood with stars in her eyes and quickly became pregnant at 16.

Already estranged from her family, she hardly kept in touch with them back in San Angelo. I’ve never met or heard much about my mother’s parents there. As far as my father, it was some guy who knocked her up shortly after she ran away to Hollywood. So when she died after I turned 15, I found myself sent to San Angelo to live with my mother’s mother, Betty.

Starting school as a new student in a small town’s high school wasn’t going to be easy. But when I saw the trio of hot beautiful boys known throughout the campus as the Saints, it became easier. Just looking at their beauty as a masculine species was enough for me. Three of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen, who could all be cover models for Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfilger, with full kissable lips, carved cheekbones, brooding eyes; I’ve never thought I would find the best-looking guys out here in San Angelo.

And of course, these perfect guys would want and could only date the most perfect girls from an equally outstanding family as theirs.

So, me being from a trashy mom who ran away from home, got knocked up at 16, and even became an escort/prostitute wasn’t exactly the kind of girl whom these guys would notice. In fact, me with my shaggy brownish mop of hair, oversized glasses, and baggy tops and pants that hid any sign I was a girl, wasn’t the type of girl that most guys would notice.

Until after graduation, when they found out that I was one of the few students from San Angelo High who was going into the same major as they were at San Angelo U. Hardly anyone was going into that major from San Angelo, except the guys who would one day own their daddies’ oil and cattle empires or farm and ranch empire. The rest were going into another area entirely like medicine or technology. Sports medicine or even nursing. Still, the rest of the kids in my high school senior class entered the army or went to work outside of San Angelo. Anyone who were majoring in the same major as the Saints, who were so well-known, they were already initiated into their fathers’ fraternity House, also called the Saints, even before they entered college, had to be from out-of-town.

So, it was very rare to find that a girl like me was interested in the same major as the Saints. That was when the Saint’s leader, Rhode, with his easy-going matter, casual eyes, and sexy football star body; allowed me to tag along with them a few weeks before our freshman year at San Angelo U. would begin. Just being able to bask in the presence of Rhode or whom everyone called “Rector” had me grinning from ear to ear from then on.

Then again, there was Rhode’s good friend, Brian Bishop, who was also a hottie that could charm anyone. There was something devilishly boyish about him and it was no wonder that he worked part-time as a model for a high-end fashion designer. With his natural blond hair and clear blue eyes, he caught everyone’s eye. And that killer smile… well how could anyone ignore that?

Out of the three Saints, he actually seemed the most approachable back in high school, as approachable as the Saints could be. In the classes I shared with him, he was actually a friendly easy-going, and just an all-round likable guy. There was no sign of pretense or overgrown ego in him, except when he was with Rector and Deacon together. Then they were the Saints, revered, looked up to, and held in glory. They ruled the school, and everyone knew it.

Through both Rhode and Bishop, I’d been introduced to Deacon Diamond. The son of a successful cattle rancher/former minister. Deacon had the rugged good looks of a man who wasn’t afraid to work with his hands and who enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. His dark blond hair was streaked with blonder highlights throughout the summer months while his skin took on a golden hue.

All in all, they were three of the most delectable men I’d ever seen, and they now wanted to allow me into their very tight and exclusive circle.

I felt lucky and privileged, and as I pulled into the parking lot of the park, my body suddenly tingled with anticipation.

More than anything, I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be laid back and simply enjoy my time with them. But it was impossible. The effect they had on me was strange and deep. Like they got under my skin and brought me to life.

“Hey, Aurora!”

I turned to the sound of my name and saw the trio of Saints sitting at a shaded picnic table by the water’s edge.

“Over here!” Rhode called out as he waved me over.

Beaming, I made my way to them. Seeing them all looking so hot and perfect, I suddenly regretted my choice of baggy jeans and my trademark oversized sweatshirt.

Growing up, spending time on my looks had never been a priority. I had little interest in fashion and thought that doing my hair and make-up was a waste of time.

On a number of occasions, I had considered revisiting my list of priorities, but I hadn’t yet brought myself to actually put time into my looks.

But the guys all smiled and seemed happy to see me, despite my disheveled appearance.

“Isn’t it great to have finally graduated from high school?” Rhode said in that dry manner he had.

“Feels like freedom,” I said with a cocky grin. “That is until I start my summer job next week.”

“I know what you mean,” Deacon said. “My dad wants me out in the field with his herd in a few days. It’s going to be one hell of a summer.”

“Speaking of which,” Brian said. “We need a bit of a favor.”

“Sure,” I said, eager to help them out. “What is it?”

“We’re preparing for a special evening tomorrow night,” Rhode said. “I have to go into town to finalize the paperwork for the venue. We’ve reserved a large space for the event. Brian here is going to take care of the entertainment.”

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