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To My Dad's Hot Best Friend (The Inappropriate Bachelors #8)
Author: J. S. Cooper





To My Dad’s Hot Best Friend,

For obvious reasons, I will never send you this letter, but I have had a crush on you for years! Even though you’re what my mom calls a “man whore.”

I wonder if you’re as good in bed as you claim. Yes, I’ve listened to your bragging in my father’s study during his weekly whiskey nights.

I’d be willing to rate you on a scale of one to ten to let you know if you’re really all that. Though we could never tell anyone. Could you imagine the drama? But I won’t tell if you won’t. Not that you would ever give me a chance. Do you even know my name? I bet I know a way to make you remember.

Anyway, you’re far too old for me and too set in your ways. Also, you seem like a real grump when you’re not bragging.


The one girl you will never bang, Shelby


* * *



Was I supposed to read this letter? Is this a practical joke? Or did you happen to walk into the bathroom on purpose last week just to see me naked in the shower? I didn’t know your mom called me a man whore. I prefer to call myself a Ladies Man. There’s a difference, but you’re likely too young to know. I think you need to stick to college boys. You’re not ready for a man like me.


Your Dad’s Hot Best Friend



Chapter One



“Hey, Sam.” I walked into the living room wearing a pair of tight pink gym shorts and a black sports bra. My hair was up in a high ponytail and my chest glistened with sweat. I’d come to my parent’s house to use my mom’s Peloton bike and was quite happy to see Sam sitting on the couch in front of the TV, ready to watch a football game with my dad.

“Hey, Shelby,” he replied but his eyes didn’t leave the TV screen, which pissed me off.

They say if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. Well, I was ready to get burned, and I knew exactly who I wanted to burn me. His name was Sam, and he was my dad’s best friend.

Or, as I liked to call him, my dad’s hot best friend.

Sam was the sexiest, most gorgeous man I’d ever seen in my life. He was tall, studly, with vivacious blue eyes and jet-black hair. A total fox, in other words—a fox that I would like to get to know much, much better. But because he was my dad’s best friend, I couldn’t really act on it.

At least I didn’t think I could until I spoke to my best friend, Nellie.

My best friend, Nellie, was the same age as me. We were both twenty-two, by the way. Well, she saw this hot guy in the grocery store. He was slightly older, not as old as Sam, but definitely not in our age group. His name was Steele and she left him a note. They went on a couple of dates, and let’s just say the rest is history. They’re together now.

Nellie wanted me to be just as happy so she gave me an idea. She said I should write a letter to Sam. I could put my full name or I could write it anonymously, but it would be a way to test the waters to see if he was even interested.

It was risky. I mean, what if he wasn’t interested? Worse, what if he told my dad? My dad would absolutely kill me, and that’s not even to say what my mom would do. My mom would kill me a second time. Shit, I’d be the only person to die twice in her life.

So, I needed to be smart about this. I wanted to get to know Sam in so many ways that would make my parents lock me up and throw away the key. But I don’t want to be locked up.

Unless Sam was the one doing it. I know, I’m a naughty girl.

After much thinking, I had an idea. I would write him a letter, and I would go to a work event that I knew he’d be at. It was a masked party, so he wouldn’t even know who I was. I’d flirt and see what happened, and if he was interested, well, then I’d make the next move.

It was a bit risky and a bit daring, but I was a risky, daring sort of girl. I mean, you don’t call a girl like me Shelby for nothing. I was very confident in myself and my looks. I know that makes me sound conceited, but guys have been after me my entire life. I’ve got long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a very shapely body, which I work very hard at the gym to maintain.

If Sam wasn’t interested in a girl like me, then maybe he was gay. Okay, even I know that’s a bit too conceited of me. And I wasn’t sure it would even work.

I know, you’re thinking I’m a bitch, because that’s the persona I give off to people. But I wasn’t as confident as I liked to make out. I mean, let’s be real. Is anyone really that confident? Of course not. I had a lot of insecurities just like everyone else, and it was killing me that I was in love with someone who didn’t even see me as a woman.

Do you know how hard that is to live every day knowing that the one person you want to be with is not interested in you at all? But they say you have to manifest what you want in life. They say you have to go after it. And so I was going to go after Sam. I was going to give it my best shot because this was one man I want to take down and ride, quite literally.

(I know, I can be a bit of a pervert, but hey, I’m twenty-two.)

I enjoyed sex, and I wanted to have sex with a real man. Shit, I wanted to do so much with him that I can’t even talk about it right now because it would be far too X-rated. Actually, it would be XXXXX-rated. The only person I could talk to about this was Nellie. She doesn’t judge me and she loves me for who I am, even though she kind of told me off recently. She thinks I’m self-centered and a bit over the top.

And I understood where she was coming from. I guess I just didn’t know how to be any other way. When I was young, my mom had me in pageants. She thought I’d be Miss America or something, but I hated it. I’m not fake like half of those girls. And don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all fake, but there’s a plastic vibe to most of them. Girls who compete live their entire lives to win a crown, and that’s not me. I wanted to be real. I wanted to be genuine. I wanted to be the sort of woman who you know will never lie to your face and then stab you in the back.

I was trying my best. I mean, I was a little bitchy at times, and I didn’t usually catch it until it was too late, but I was really trying to pull myself in because I wanted to be the best woman that I could be. I knew that if I wanted a man like Sam, I’d have to bring my A-game. You see, I was also down for a little bit of kink. I was down to have a lot of fun. So when I said that I was willing to get burned by Sam, I mean I’m willing to try candle wax and whips and chains and handcuffs and all sorts of things. I didn’t know if I’ll like it, but you never know until you try, right?

But it’s not like I could just go up to him and tell him that. No, I had to be smart about it. Sam was a forty-year-old man who was used to being with women closer to his own age. I had to get him to give me a chance, regardless of my age and the fact that I was his best friend’s daughter. I had to make him want me so badly that he would look past all the obstacles in our way.



Chapter Two



“You are a tall drink of champagne that I just want to sip.” I quietly read one of my lines out loud. Nope, Shelby, that does not work.

I giggled at my reflection in the mirror. I couldn’t imagine Sam reading a line that told him I wanted to sip him, no matter how true that was. Okay, let me think. Let me think. “I’ve never seen a man as gorgeous as you. Are you hung like a…” Hmm, should I talk about his dick in my first letter to him?

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