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By Virtue I Fall (Sins of the Fathers #3)(9)
Author: Cora Reilly

In the truest sense of the word. Santino wasn’t trying to kill Mrs. Alfera with his bare hands, at least not in the immediate future. They were both naked from the waist down and Santino was banging her, looking as if he wanted to kill her. Death by dick.

Heat flooded my body. My eyes darted from their naked lower regions back up to the hand around her throat. This all happened in a heartbeat but felt like the most awkward eternity in history.

Mrs. Alfera let out a strangled cry, her eyes widening comically. Screaming because someone caught you cheating when you were only a few doors down from your husband wasn’t the cleverest thing if you asked me. Santino released her throat and shoved to his feet. Of course, I stared at his erection. And holy shit, holy shit, I was surprised he hadn’t killed Mrs. Alfera considering how hard he’d hammered into her with that. Death by dick indeed. A laugh bubbled out of me, completely inappropriate, but I couldn’t help it.

He staggered toward me and considering his furious expression and the overall situation, I should probably have fled the scene, but I couldn’t. He grabbed my upper arm with one hand while his other tried to shove his still very erect cock into his pants, which wasn’t working. Part of me worried he might do lasting damage to his member. Still, I watched in amusement. I took a sip from my drink, only increasing Santino’s fury.

“Stop staring,” he snarled.

“I could help you with that,” I said before I could think it through. I didn’t mean it like that. Despite all the teasing, I’d never been daring enough to flirt with Santino in such a forward way. Maybe because it would have given away too much, and probably would have only made Santino annoyed.

Santino’s grip tightened further. “Don’t even joke about it, girl. I won’t get killed because your dad misconstrues your words. And I especially won’t get killed for the unpleasant fumbling of a stuffy virgin.”

I stared at him wide-eyed, unable to believe his audacity. I was used to his rudeness by now, but this took it to a new level. “Do you kill all the women you bang or only the married women to hide evidence?” I hissed.

“She wanted me to grab her throat. Some women get off when their air supply is cut off. You wouldn’t understand.” He finally managed to close his fly, but there was still a bulge in his pants.

“If she tells anyone, I’m ruined,” Mrs. Alfera whimpered, stuffing her silk blouse back into her skirt. Good luck with the wrinkles. I hoped she had a discreet maid who’d iron that for her. “Silence her.”

Santino slanted her an annoyed look. “Return to the party.”

She staggered closer. “You have to silence her. If she tells anyone—”

“Shut up and let me handle it.”

She finally left.

“I hope she didn’t suggest you kill me,” I said sarcastically.

“You can’t tell anyone,” he said in a low voice.

“What will you do to silence me?”

He rolled his eyes. “Stop being a bratty child. You know the consequences if word about this gets out.”

“Banging a captain’s wife would definitely cause quite the scandal. Dad would have to act.”

He tilted his head, eyes narrowed.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I muttered.

Santino nodded, satisfied. His eyes registered my drink. “What is that?”

“Nothing that concerns you. You have your secrets, I have mine, right?”

He stepped back, his jaw flexing. “Don’t overdo it, all right?”

I ignored his warning. The scale had tipped in my favor for now even if he didn’t like it.

I touched my throat with a frown, trying to imagine why anyone would find it pleasurable to be unable to breathe. Santino followed the movement, and he shook his head, looking even more pissed.

“I don’t know what reason you have to be angry at me,” I muttered, getting angrier. “You just made sure I’d have nightmares for months, possibly years. Good job violating my virgin eyes.”

To be honest, I’d probably have several very good orgasms while I imagined Santino doing to me what he’d done to Mrs. Alfera.

Santino searched my eyes. “Don’t take what you saw as an example of how it always is. It can be very different.” His voice had become gentler, almost comforting, which was such a novelty that I must have looked even more perturbed.

“Anna?” Santino murmured, touching my shoulder lightly.

A laugh burst out of me. I couldn’t help it. Seeing Santino concerned for my mental well-being because of his kinky show with Mrs. Alfera was too much to handle.

Santino jerked his hand back, his lips twisted. Oh, someone was grumpy.

The door creaked, interrupting whatever rude thing he’d had to say.

Voices drifted over to us. Santino grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a bookshelf. It took me a moment to recognize the voice as Dario’s, who seemed to be talking on the phone with someone.

I glared up at Santino. “Don’t you think it would have looked less suspicious if you hadn’t dragged me behind the shelf? Now it looks as if we’re hiding something.” Mom would definitely be very suspicious if she found us, or if Dario told Dad, which he’d definitely do.

Santino silenced me with a hard look. We stood close together as we waited for the conversation to be over. Our shoulders brushed lightly and Santino’s heat seemed to scorch me through the silky material of my dress.

I would probably have appreciated the situation more if I hadn’t caught the whiff of a female perfume on him. I leaned away slightly, muttering, “You should probably wash Mrs. Alfera’s stink off before you return to the party. I doubt her husband will be happy if he smells it on you.”

“Thanks for your concern. This isn’t my first rodeo.”

“So you’re making a habit out of being a homewrecker?”

“That home was already lacking a foundation, it would have crashed down anyway.”

I rolled my eyes. “I suppose that’s what they all say.”

“Maybe you don’t realize it but this is none of your damn business, Anna. You better make sure Cliffy keeps his hands to himself, instead of worrying about me.”

What was that supposed to mean? Clifford and I had spoken twice since our family dinner and he’d found out about our future marriage, both times during tennis practice, and so far Clifford had shown as much interest in me as a monk. He was focused on school and college and a future in politics, and I was busy with school, designing clothes and… Santino.



“Do you have anything on her?” Arturo asked, only mildly interested. Human relationships meant nothing to him, which was why I enjoyed his presence. I could voice whatever bullshit crossed my mind without worrying about offending him.

“Not a thing, unless you mean her occasional alcohol consumption. I doubt that’s enough.”

“She’s got you.”

Yep, Anna had me. Since she caught me with Mrs. Alfera a month ago, she’d never stopped reminding me of her new advantage, and only a few days ago she’d finally used it to blackmail me into getting her and her bestie Sofia into Danilo’s birthday party. I knew those two had something else planned than shaking their booties to the beat but I was in Anna’s hands, and she knew it.

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