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State (Diamond MC, #1.5)(5)
Author: Lila Rose

Country and I shared a look. At least it explained why he was stalking me. He thought I was competition. But how far would he go to try and get rid of me?

“We’re gonna have to keep an eye on him, Lisa. He’s been seen outside the compound and my own home.”

She gasped, hand to her chest. “You’re kidding me.”

“I don’t kid about shit like that.”

Country drew her attention to him. “Lisa. Next time you have a session with him, let him know you and your fake boyfriend are having issues. That you might break it off with him soon. See how that goes.”

“And if it doesn’t help and he still stalks State?”

“Tell him you and State aren’t anythin’, and that you need time on your own because you’re totally heartbroken. During that time, we’ll get rid of him as a client. Doesn’t matter he’s a cop. He ain’t got different rules to anyone else here. We can end anyone’s access to Polished without an excuse. He signed the forms before joinin’, so if he tried anythin’, we’ve got that at our backs.”

“Okay. I’m really sorry about this.”

“Honey,” I started, “it ain’t your fault a man’s obsessin’ over you. But next time somethin’ like this happens, and a client gets too clingy, you need to tell us.”

“I will. I promise. I thought he’d get bored with me when he knows I’m taken and won’t quit.”

“Obviously not the case, but let’s see how this shit goes,” Country said.

“Got it. I’ll start by telling him we’re fighting first to see if he’ll stop showing up, right?”

“Yeah, babe, and in case there are any problems, make sure to have your pin on at all times. Record anythin’ you think that we’ll need to know, and use the goddamn alarm on it if things get out of hand.”

“Promise. Can I go now?”

I waved her off, and she quickly left, closing the door behind her. “Shit, maybe we need to have a business meetin’ with the girls again to reinstate the rules and to make sure they always have their pins with them.” They were there for emergencies and, if pressed, it sent a signal to Death’s security office, calling in for backup.

Country nodded. “Could be a good idea. Get Wreck onto settin’ somethin’ up.”

“Saint’s more approachable. I’ll have him do it.”

Country chuckled. “Good thinkin’. Hope this works, brother.”

“So do I, because I don’t want to be stuck with a cop up my ass.”

Country’s gaze hardened. “Not gonna happen.”

I understood what he wasn’t saying. We’d deal with the situation one way or another. “Yeah, brother. But let’s fuckin’ pray it’s the smoother way.”

Country snorted. “Sure would be easier for us.”

I smirked. “But we don’t mind a challenge either.”

“Damn right.” He stood and started for the door. “Good luck with findin’ your woman, brother.”

“Actually,” I called, and Country turned back at the door. “Can you ask Isla where Courtney works?”

“Ain’t she a nail person?”


His laughter irritated me. “You gonna book an appointment to get your nails done?”

“No, I’ll get Eve to book for me.” Eve was a brother’s sister who was close with the club.

He guffawed. “And you’d actually sit there for her to do your nails, wouldn’t you?”

I glared. “If it came to it, yes.”

“Shit, brother, you truly are gone. I’ll text you when I find out.”

“Thanks, and good luck with Isla.”

“Yeah, I reckon I’ll need it.” He shot me a two-finger wave before he left.

Adrenaline pumped into my veins over the thought of seeing my little mouse again. If Country was right that she was scared about the connection we’d made, I’d settle those nerves down one way or another. No way was I missing out on a chance on seeing where we could go.

In a way, I hoped she was feeling too much from spending time with me. If so, it meant I’d gotten under her skin like she had mine.

Christ, thinking of her had my cock fattening under my jeans.

I wanted to see her smile, hear her laugh, and tuck her hair behind her ear while I leaned in for my first taste of her mouth.

I’d kept myself under control that night, not taking her like I wanted to.

But when I saw her again, I wasn’t sure how restrained I could be.

She was something special.

My kind of special.

And if I had to get my damn nails done around a bunch of women while I made her understand that, I’d fucking do it.









* * *


It had been a week, and the image of State, along with his perfect rough voice, kept popping into my mind just to taunt me.

When I was cooking. Hey, let’s think about State.

When I was watching TV. State was better than that guy.

When I was in bed. Let’s masturbate about State.

Even when I was on the toilet. State and I could be pooping at the same time right now.

That thought was the reason I took up humming while in the bathroom.

I’d left the compound that night with a smile on my face but with my insides twisted up because I had really enjoyed State’s company. We’d even talked for a couple of hours and he’d been easy to chat to—our subjects far-reaching. We’d laughed a lot over silly stories or our families. I told him a few more because I’d loved his chuckle.

And then I’d ghosted him like an idiot.

I’d wanted to ask for his number but chickened out, reminding myself that he’d never be interested in a woman like me. Heck, I’d seen the sort of women who were at the bar, and compared to them, I was a plain-Jane nun.

Sighing, I finished off my lunch and placed the container in my locker. I had a full afternoon of appointments and really had to keep my mind on the job. If I didn’t, I’d end up painting State’s name onto a client’s nails or something equally as mortifying.

I closed the door and rested my forehead against it.

Regret filled me once more for leaving when State had gone to the bathroom. I’d been worried he’d offer to exchange numbers to be polite, and had known I wouldn’t be able to refuse. But there was still the concern he’d only want one night between the sheets with me and I’d have a hankering for more. If he denied me more, it could crush me in the end.

Groaning, I banged my head against my locker.

I’d ghosted him.

Ghosted the most handsome, charming man I had ever met.

I really was an idiot.

The biggest loser in the world.

My phone chimed in my apron. I quickly pulled it out and checked the caller ID before I answered. “Mom. What’s up?”

“I’m kicking him out of the house.”

Smiling, I rolled my eyes. “Are we talking about Dad?”

“Yes, Courtney. Do you know what he just said to me?” Dad’s laughter filtered in from the background. “It’s not funny, Patty.”

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