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State (Diamond MC, #1.5)(9)
Author: Lila Rose

It'd better do something because I didn’t want this crap around Courtney.

I didn’t even know how he’d react if he was out there now watching me, waiting to see what I was standing around for. What would he do if he saw me with Courtney? It worried me enough my gut was in knots.

He’d better stay the fuck away from Courtney.

I’d have to tell her what was going on in case he didn’t. It’d be stupid to keep it from her. She had to be warned.

Movement down the road caught my attention.

Fuck me.

All other thoughts evaporated when my gaze landed on Courtney. She looked stunning in her flowery summer dress that hugged her in all the right places.

How in the hell had she not been snapped up already and dating someone?

It was good she wasn’t, or I’d have to kill them.

Christ, even the thought of someone else in her life like that got my blood boiling.

I started toward her and caught when she noticed me. My throat fucking thickened at the smile she graced me with.

She was happy to see me.

Jesus, we still had a lot of getting to know each other to do, but I already felt the need to put a ring on her finger as soon as possible. I didn’t think attraction this deep could happen from first sight. Yet, it did. For me, at least.

“Little mouse,” I said, dipping to kiss the corner of her mouth, and I felt her tiny gasp. She gripped my forearm where I’d put it around her waist and breathed out a shaky breath.

My cock jerked, and when I straightened, she blinked up at me, almost like she was out of it. “State,” she murmured.

“Hey, darlin’.” I grinned, and for some reason, it had her sucking in a breath. Christ, she was gorgeous. “Ready for food?”


Chuckling, I nodded. “Yeah, Court. Steak.”

She blinked and shook her head a little. “Oh, um, yes. I’m ready for steak.”

“Good.” I took her hand in mine and led her into the front of the restaurant. I’d wanted to pick her up and drop her home, but I didn’t want to force anything or make her feel uncomfortable, like I was looking at more than just a first date to get to know her more.

“Welcome to Laws. How can I help you?”

“Booking under State.”

He took a moment to look in the book. “Ah yes.” He clicked his fingers, and a young waiter guy stepped up. I glanced at Courtney to see her jaw clenched.

When I had her eyes and raised my brows, she shook her head.

“This is Mitchell. He’ll be taking care of your section.” He looked at Mitchell and frowned, then went ahead and straightened the guy’s tie in front of us. Mitchell went red while the guy muttered about Mitchell not being able to dress himself.

I’d never been here before; I’d just heard it had good steak, but this fucker was souring my mood.

He nodded to Mitchell, who turned and started forward. I went to lead Court away with a hand to her back, but she stopped at the front desk, leaned in and said, “Just because he’s young doesn’t mean you can treat him like he’s beneath you and belittle him in front of people. And no one should click their fingers at someone like they’re an animal. That shows what type of person you are.”

She gave him one last look before stalking off, and I couldn’t help but grin like a maniac. I would have said something about his attitude, but I’d worried how Court would take it. I’d already caused a shitshow in her work, something I needed to apologize for. I didn’t want to do it there.

However, I didn’t have to.

My little mouse had already taken it in hand.

At the table, we took our seats. Mitchell leaned down. “Thank you,” he whispered to Court.

She smiled up at him, and his eyes widened. Fuck me, the kid was about to get a crush. Court patted his hand. “He was a pompous ass, so it was my pleasure.”

Just as he went to lay his hand over hers, I cleared my throat. His gaze swung to me, and I shook my head. He straightened and handed out the menus. “Can I get you started on a drink while you look over the menu?”

“Beer, anything on tap. Court?”

“Um, Diet Coke, please.”

“Right away.”

He disappeared, and I placed my menu down. When my little mouse noticed, she put hers on the table and met my eyes. “I’m sorry about saying something, but he was—”

“Darlin’, don’t apologize for that. You’re right. He was an ass. I would have said somethin’ myself, but I’d worried I’d done enough damage at your work. I was gonna bring it up in a text, but I thought it would be better in person. Did I fuck things up at work for you?”

Tension coiled inside me. Christ, if I had, I’d be worse than the guy at the front of the restaurant.

Her smile brightened my damn life. “No. Rina, my boss who wanted to get her hands on your hair, ended up kicking Margot out and telling her not to come back.”

I sat back as shock slipped in. “You’re shittin’ me?”

She laughed and shook her head. “I’m not.”

“That’s all right then. I wasn’t sure if you would’ve been embarrassed by me and how I acted.”

“State, no. I met you at a biker compound. If you haven’t figured it out already, I know you speak your mind, with a few cuss words thrown in, and I can already tell you’ll protect those close to you.”

Christ, she was starting to figure me out, and how I lived my life didn’t seem to bother her. We were at the early stages, but already she was showing me there was a high chance she could handle my world.

“You’re somethin’ else, little mouse.”

I smirked when she blushed and tried to wave me off.

“Darlin’, if this goes where I want it to go, there are things you need to know about me, about the club.”

“Okay, but, um, where do you see this going?”

“For a fuckin’ long way in the future.”

“Oh,” she breathed and glanced at the table. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to hide her smile or not, but I saw it, and my gut turned in a good way knowing she liked the idea of us being in this for the long run.

Mitchell appeared at our sides and placed our drinks down. “Are you both ready to order?”

I glanced at Court.

“I am if you are.”

I smirked. “You didn’t get long to even look at the menu.”

She shrugged. “I know what I want.” Her gaze held mine for a long moment.


Mitchell cleared his throat. Court startled and picked up the menu. “Right, I’ll have the ribeye, medium to well done, with a mushroom sauce, and vegetables for the side, please.”

“Ribeye for me too, but rare to medium, with the pepper sauce. Fries and salad.” I grabbed Court’s menu and handed them both back to Mitchell.

“Won’t be long.” Mitchell smiled and walked off.

“Isla rang me last night,” she blurted, and then thinned her lips into a tight smile.

“How’d that go?”

She blew out a breath and tucked some of her hair behind one ear. Already I could tell she didn’t like the phone call. Annoyance threaded into my blood. Country had been right about his woman. She was changing, and if that change hurt Court, I’d have a word with Isla myself.

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