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The Single Dad (The Dalton Brothers #3)(9)
Author: Marni Mann

My lips touched her cheek, skin that was soft, delicate. I dragged them to her ear, inhaling her scent that reminded me of a piña colada, hair that tickled my face.

“Your friends are standing at the bar. Go to them,” I whispered in her ear.

Her chest stopped rising as she moved to look at me.

“Go,” I added, “before I toss you over my shoulder and carry you out of here.” I took a breath, only smelling her. “One more second, and I won’t be able to stop myself.” I ground my teeth into my lip, her gaze taunting me, building this tease. “Sydney … go.”

Her smile made my dick even harder, especially as she swiped a finger across my lips, like she was wiping herself off me, before she walked over to her friends. I watched every step she took, the back of her just as gorgeous as the front. An ass that was the perfect shape with just the right amount of thickness, toned legs that made me groan as I thought about wrapping them around my face, hips that only accentuated her curves.

Goddamn it.

There wasn’t a girl in this bar who compared to her.

I had to force myself not to follow her, to look away, to focus on the guys who were sitting around both tables in front of me.

“Jesus Christ,” Jenner said, taking the empty seat next to mine, moving it closer before he sat. “Who the hell was that?”

“A girl I can’t get enough of.” I put my back toward the bar, so I wouldn’t keep staring at her.

“She must feel the same way because she keeps looking over here,” Dominick said.

“Oh, hell yes, that girl has it bad for you,” Declan said.

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter. She’s not coming home with me. You guys know I don’t play like that anymore.”

I downed my drink and set the empty on the table.

Dominick handed me his and said, “Ford, you’re only thirty years old. You’re not dead. You need to fucking live a little. There’s nothing wrong with being a father and getting your dick wet once in a while.”

“You say that like I’m celibate. We all know that I’m not.”

The guys knew I’d dated a little since Everly had been born. None of those relationships had lasted more than a few months, and none of those girls had stepped foot inside my house.

I didn’t know balance.

I didn’t know how to make anyone a priority other than my daughter.

And that was the demise with each girl I’d gone out with.

“Celibate, no. Semi-celibate, unfortunately, yes,” Jenner said.

“Listen to me, brother,” Dominick started. “It doesn’t make you a bad father to take a little time for yourself.” He squeezed my shoulder, shaking me. “And if you don’t jump on that fucking girl, then you’re a damn fool.”

“Even if I was going to consider it—which I’m not—Hannah and Everly are at my house. It’s not like Eve is staying at Mom and Dad’s for the night and I’m free.”

“More Hannah talk,” Declan groaned. “I still can’t believe you let her watch your daughter.”

“Ignore him,” Jenner said, referring to Declan. “Everly is being well taken care of tonight, so you do have all the freedom to do whatever you want—and I know that girl is exactly what you want.”

“You guys don’t get it,” I told them. “This is one of the sacrifices you have to make when you have a kid, and being a single dad makes it even harder. I’m responsible for that little girl, and every move I make affects her.” I looked at my brothers. “When you guys were single, you could fuck whomever you wanted and never feel guilty about it. You could jump on a plane and leave at any time. You could stay out all night and not give a shit.” I chomped on the ice from Dominick’s glass and set the empty on the table. “My life isn’t like that.”

“But you can go to her house,” Jenner said. “What’s stopping you from doing that?” Just as I was about to respond, he added, “Hannah’s at your place, and she’ll stay there until you get back in the morning—whatever time that might be.” I attempted to reply again, and he continued, “You’ve traveled for work; you’ve traveled for pleasure. Both instances, you’ve left Everly with Hannah or our parents. How would tonight be any different?” He smiled. “Try to fight me on that. I dare you.”

My mouth opened, but I closed it as I thought about what he’d said.

Go to her house.

Something so simple that surely should have crossed my mind, but I hadn’t even considered it. Hannah would stay until I got home; that certainly wasn’t a problem. I could come back in the morning before Everly woke up.

In less than an hour, Sydney’s legs could be wrapped around me, her nipples in my mouth while I buried my cock inside her.

My hard-on returned.

“Now, that’s a possibility,” I told the group.

“Then, what the fuck are you waiting for?” Jenner asked, giving me his drink too. “You’re starting to act like a fucking dinosaur, and it’s scaring the shit out of me.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“No,” Dominick replied. “You’re worse. Now, go think with your dick”—he nodded toward the bar—“and go buy them a round of drinks.”

Jenner pushed my shoulder. “Giddyup.”

Declan added, “And for one goddamn night, stop being the nice guy.”

“All right, all right.” I pushed myself off the stool. “You guys win.”

“Nah,” Dominick said. “You win.”

I walked to the bar, moving in behind Sydney, gently clasping her waist, my mouth not far from her ear, where I whispered, “I can’t stay away from you.”

She’d stiffened from my touch, loosening once she realized it was me. “I’m surprised it took you this long to come over.”

I liked that answer.

And from her profile, I could see her smile.

I handed the bartender my credit card. “Whatever the girls want, it’s on me.”

“Ford …” She looked at me over her shoulder. “You really don’t have to do that—again.”

One of her friends grabbed Sydney’s arm and said, “Speak for yourself, woman. I’m a poor college graduate. If that man wants to buy me a drink, I’m going to say hell yes.”

I laughed as the bartender swiped my card and handed it back to me. “It’s my pleasure. Get whatever you want.” I tightened my grip on Sydney’s waist, my hands scorching from the heat that was coming off her hips. I got closer, wanting to feel more, to soak in her scent.

She pressed her back against my chest and said, “My best friend is much needier than I am.”

“I can handle it.” My mouth moved to the edge of her ear this time, and her exhales matched mine, like our bodies were building together.

“Tequila for all of us,” Gabby said to the bartender.

“None for me,” I replied.

I wanted to remember this.

Every fucking second of it.

“Or for me,” Sydney added.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Gabby asked.

When Sydney turned around, facing me, my stare dipped down her body, slowly taking in those perfect-sized tits and her slim waist, the way the dress hugged the outside of her thighs.

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