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Forevermore (Club Destiny #12)(2)
Author: Nicole Edwards

But Logan wasn’t the sort of man who backed down from a dare, and he damn sure wasn’t about to start now.

“I haven’t had breakfast yet,” he said, holding her gaze. “And now I know what I’m hungry for.”

He loved the way Sam’s eyes glazed over at the promise in his tone.

Logan held out his hand to her, waited to see if she would take it. She glanced at Eli and smiled before laying her hand in his, allowing Logan to help her to her feet. It had been a while since they’d enjoyed an early-morning feast at this table, and today seemed like as good a day as any.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked with a giggle when Logan spun her around and backed her against it.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is it not?”

Her eyes remained locked on his face as he assisted her onto the table, urging her back until he could settle her heels on the edge. He wasn’t rough, but he wasn’t gentle, positioning her the way he wanted her, loving the way her nipples pebbled into hard little points.

“You do know if we miss our flight, I will paddle your ass,” he grumbled, pressing her knees wide.

“Then you should let me take a shower,” she countered.

“Too late for that.”

Logan leaned in and breathed in the musky scent of her sex as he used his fingers to separate her slick folds, admiring her lovely pussy. He let his breath fan over her flesh, enjoying the way her stomach tightened and her legs trembled with anticipation. His wife did love having her pussy eaten, and since it was one of his favorite things, too, these encounters were a frequent occurrence in this house.

When Elijah reached over to cup her breast, thumbing her nipple until it drew up impossibly tight, Logan leaned in and swept his tongue over her. He lightly licked her entrance then her clit, but he wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. He sucked on her labia, realizing she’d been waxed smooth very recently, something he found immensely erotic.


He ignored her plea, taking his time, licking and laving her delicate flesh, alternating to ensure he didn’t stimulate one spot too much. He was not about to make her come yet. That would take all the fun out of it.

Sam grunted, clearly catching on to his plan. She attempted to thrust her hips to get him where she wanted him, but he played her easily, moving with her and chuckling before finally stepping back.

“Damn you,” she hissed, glaring up at him.

Logan smirked as he moved around to the other side of the table. “Eli, why don’t you do the honors of finishing her off.”

Sam wiggled as Eli got to his feet.

“My pleasure.”

Logan curled his hand under Sam’s chin, tilted her head back as he leaned down and pressed an upside-down kiss to her mouth.

“If you’re really good, I might let you come.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she whispered on a moan when Eli’s face pressed between her thighs.

Logan couldn’t fight the desire to watch the man as he feasted on Sam’s pussy. This was one of the highlights of his day, watching the two of them together. He couldn’t explain why he was so fascinated with watching another man pleasure his wife, but it was there all the same. Had been since the beginning, but if he was being honest, it hadn’t been until Eli came into the picture that his world had felt complete.

Sam’s back bowed, her knees falling wide as Eli’s tongue glided through her slit. He teased her clit momentarily, flicking the little bundle of nerves until Sam was writhing on the table.

“How does it feel, baby?” Logan prompted.

“Good. So good.”

When she reached for Eli’s head to hold him in place, Logan stopped her, taking both of her arms and positioning them over her head. He kept a firm hand on her so she was at Eli’s mercy while the man drove her wild.

If they hadn’t been pressed for time, Logan would’ve pulled his aching dick out and let his wife work him with her delectable mouth. But that would definitely stall them longer than was necessary. There would be time for that later when they were in their Colorado cabin. One week in the mountains was just what the doctor ordered. At least he hoped. Provided Sam and Eli didn’t get angry when they realized he had business to tend to while he was there. It wouldn’t take much time, but it would take him away from them for a short while. He figured they would have plenty to keep them occupied while he was away, though.

“Eli … oh, God … please … I need…”

“Tell him, Sam,” Logan ordered. “Tell him what you want.”

“Make me come,” she pleaded.

Logan’s eyes never left Eli as he continued to suckle her clit while dipping one finger into her pussy. It was a sensual scene, one Logan would never tire of. Even these too-brief moments were worth it.

“I should make you wait,” Eli mumbled against her smooth flesh. “I should make you wait for taunting us with this sweet pussy.”

Sam’s head tilted back when Eli thrust two fingers inside her. “No. Please. Don’t make me wait.”

“It would serve you right,” Logan taunted.

“Eli … oh, God … please!”

Logan peered down at Sam’s face, met her gaze when she opened her eyes. He held her stare and smirked. “Make her come, Eli.”

Her eyes widened, and he could see the pleasure darken the light green of her irises. Her body shuddered, her fingers clutching his wrists as he held her arms in place.

“You ready, baby?”

Sam nodded, moaning louder now.

Logan didn’t look away from her face as Eli sent her spiraling right over the crest and into ecstasy, Eli’s name spilling from Sam’s lips.

God, she was something else.



Chapter Two



If Elijah could’ve avoided airports, he would’ve done so. It wasn’t so much the flying that frustrated him as much as the hassle and the time it took to get from one place to another. Two hours early, waiting, boarding, flying, getting luggage. He could think of a million things he would rather be doing. When it was work-related, he tended to pass the time easily, always connected to his email, his files. But this wasn’t work, and he had long ago decided he would disconnect whenever he could. And since he enjoyed spending time with Logan and Sam far more than work, it wasn’t a hardship.

The past few hours had stressed him more than he anticipated, and now that they’d made it to their destination, he was focused on breathing, relaxing, letting all that tension drain away. Now that they were finally at the cabin, he couldn’t find much to complain about. Despite the concerning weather situation that they’d learned about upon their arrival, this was the perfect getaway. Quiet, secluded. Homey.

The cabin was a two-story log structure with vaulted ceilings in the living room, three bedrooms upstairs, a game room, media room, a fully stocked kitchen, and half a dozen fireplaces that could be used for warmth. It looked as though it would sleep a dozen comfortably, which meant the three of them would have it made for the next seven days.

And then there was the outdoors.

The snow was banked near the windows, but it was a sight to behold. Especially since he couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen a snowfall, save for the ice storm they’d endured at the first part of this year. But he figured that didn’t really count. It hadn’t looked like this for more than five minutes.

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