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Forevermore (Club Destiny #12)(5)
Author: Nicole Edwards

They’d never actually talked about what would happen if and when their relationship ever progressed to this point. They had separate bedrooms, and they shared Sam equally for the most part, although Logan was fairly certain Elijah gave up time with her because he didn’t want to take from Logan. In the beginning, they’d given Elijah a wide berth because he had preferred more time alone. However, the past few years had changed him, and Logan had noticed that Elijah and Sam had grown rather close.

Elijah smirked. “I love her enough to deal with your snoring, too.”

Logan laughed.

It was true, their relationship was unconventional. They both loved Sam, and they both lusted for her. Logan had a penchant for watching Sam be pleasured by Elijah, and he wouldn’t apologize for it. There was nothing between him and Elijah, though. Well, nothing beyond the natural progression of a relationship such as theirs. They were close. They talked about work and personal things, did things together. All in all, Logan enjoyed Elijah’s company immensely.

As far as an attraction to Elijah went, Logan wasn’t sure he could explain what it was he felt. Not because he didn’t want to, but more so because he didn’t understand it himself. Over the years, he’d found he was attracted to Elijah, but he didn’t think it was a sexual attraction. Simply put, Logan was comfortable around Elijah, more so than he’d ever imagined he would be. But regardless of what he did or didn’t feel, he would never take that for granted.

Logan nodded toward the iPad. “So you were looking for a bed?”

“I figured if it would work, we’d need something bigger than a king.”

They would. Logan’s twin brother had a bed that’d been made for three, which offered more room than a standard king-size did. Considering Logan was six-five, the more space, the better.

“Are you thinking a Christmas present?” Logan asked.

Elijah met his gaze again. “If you think it’s a good idea, it’s definitely worth considering.”

Logan peered up at the second floor. “Perhaps we should try sleeping in the same bed while we’re here.”

“Trial run?” Elijah nodded. “I think that can be arranged.”

Logan glanced at the clock on the microwave. “Since it’s still early, maybe we head back that way now. Grab a couple more hours, then wake her up appropriately.”

Elijah’s grin widened. “I like the way you think, McCoy.”


Sam woke feeling as though she’d been sleeping on the surface of the sun.

The heat was everywhere. At her front, her back.

It took a moment to orient herself, remembering they were in Colorado at the cabin Logan had rented for their winter vacation. She peeked open her eyes, saw her husband’s handsome face. His eyes were closed, and he was breathing heavily, signifying he was still asleep.

Figuring she would get up and grab coffee, Sam rolled to her back, but she didn’t get far. In fact, she didn’t get anywhere thanks to the warm body pressed up against her on the other side.

She stilled instantly and realized that something was seriously off.

For starters, she’d gone to bed with Elijah, which made having Logan in bed with her the first strange thing.

Secondly, she’d gone to bed with Elijah, which meant having them both in the same bed with her—while sleeping—was another strange thing.

Despite the fact they did a lot of interesting activities together in a bed, they never fell asleep in the same room. Even when they were enjoying playtime at home and Sam would drift off, she knew one of them would always move her to their bed before they let themselves succumb to sleep. It was just how it worked.

So this … this was weird.

“What’s going on?” she mumbled, staring up at the ceiling as she shifted so she could lie on her back between them.

“Morning, love,” Elijah whispered, his warm lips brushing her shoulder.

“Why are the three of us in bed together?”

“We thought that was what you wanted.”

Sam frowned, looked over at Elijah, but she couldn’t say anything.

Yes, it was what she wanted. More than anything, in fact. However, she hadn’t mentioned it to either of them. Not outright anyway. Not yet.

“We’ve got your number, love,” Elijah said, his words spoken softly near her ear. “We know what you’re angling for.”

“No, you don’t.”

“One bed. The three of us.”

Sam narrowed her gaze, staring at him. Before she could give her own reasons, Elijah shifted closer. Close enough he put his heavy thigh over her leg, pinning her in place while he kissed his way up her neck while at the same time sliding the sheet down to bare her breasts.

“Mmm. This is a great way to wake up in the morning,” Logan mumbled.

Sam’s head snapped over, her eyes landing on his face. Logan hadn’t moved, but his eyes were open, and he was watching as Elijah’s oral ministrations worked their way to her breasts.

Her entire body flashed with heat as it always did when Logan watched. There was something innately erotic about her husband watching her with Elijah. She knew he loved it, and partly because of that, she did, too.

Elijah’s finger tapped her chin before urging her to turn her head as he moved over her. She accepted the weight of him, spreading her legs to welcome him closer.

“You’re so soft,” Elijah muttered, his lips trailing over her chin. “So warm and wet.”

Sam moaned.

“You ready for me?”

“God, yes.”

It was the truth, although she sometimes didn’t understand how easily her body prepared for her men. They could make her wet with just a look, and while she enjoyed foreplay, it wasn’t always necessary.

Sam wrapped her legs around Elijah’s waist and shifted her pelvis to welcome him into her body.

His thick cock stretched her perfectly, filling her slowly as he eased his way in. He grazed every sensitive nerve ending, lighting her up from the inside out.

The sheet slid lower, cool air wafting over her leg.

“Let me watch,” Logan whispered, his face moving closer to hers.

Sam knew what he wanted, so she lowered her legs to the bed while Elijah pushed himself up with his arms, his hips rocking as he pushed in deep, retreated slowly. With the angle of his body, Sam could easily watch as he sank into her, which was what Logan was obviously fascinated by.

“Feels good,” she moaned, relaxing as he did all the work to pleasure her.

“I love watching his cock slide into your cunt, your juices coating him,” Logan said, his voice a rough, gravelly rasp.

Her skin tingled, her nipples pebbling tighter as his words caressed her in much the same way Elijah was.

This was what she longed for. The three of them together. Logan finding pleasure in watching them together, Sam seeking the comfort both men could give her, and Elijah letting her love him.

Elijah’s dark hair fell over his forehead, and Sam brushed it back, staring up at him, accepting that he was going to torment her slowly this morning. She clenched her inner muscles when he pushed in deep, eliciting a ragged groan as his eyes met hers.

“Do that again,” he ordered roughly.

Sam did it again and again, clasping him tightly each time he bottomed out inside her.

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