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Forevermore (Club Destiny #12)(6)
Author: Nicole Edwards

Before long, Elijah’s slow and gentle ride turned frantic. He began pumping his hips, rocking into her harder, deeper, faster.

Logan’s hand slid down over her belly, his fingers joining the party, ruthlessly rubbing her clit as she raced toward that inevitable peak.

“Eli … Logan…” Sam let herself go, falling into the heavenly abyss as her orgasm crested.

Elijah growled low in his throat as he pushed up to his knees, gripping her legs. He didn’t stop fucking her, his eyes locked on her face. Sam watched him, loving how sexy he was when he was chasing his release.

“Come for us,” Logan commanded.

Elijah’s gaze shot to Logan’s face, and for the first time in their history together, he came while looking at Logan rather than at her.

And something about that moment triggered an eruption in her that had her crying out once more.

“My turn,” Logan rumbled, wasting no time as he took Elijah’s place between her legs.

Sam cried out when he filled her, slamming in hard and deep. Elijah moved to her side, his face close to hers, right there in the moment with them.

“Touch her,” Logan bit out.

Elijah’s hand cupped her breast, his forefinger and thumb pinching her nipple, sending heat bolting straight to her clit.

Logan leaned forward, his body hovering over hers but ensuring he didn’t get in Elijah’s way.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled low in his throat, hammering away at her.

Sam’s entire body was tightening again, another cataclysmic eruption looming. She loved this. Loved when they ganged up on her. It was such a rarity that she’d long ago stopped wishing for these moments.

Elijah’s hand followed the same route Logan’s had earlier, slipping between their bodies until he was strumming her clit, making her body vibrate with the impending release.

Sam gripped Logan’s bicep with one hand, the other sliding into Elijah’s hair as she held on, her body rocking beneath the onslaught of Logan’s powerful thrusts.

Logan groaned, his head tipping back, and Sam peered down her body to where Elijah’s hand was. Not only was he thumbing her clit, his knuckles were rubbing against Logan, gliding over his cock every time he retreated. Seeing Elijah touching Logan was more than she could bear. She screamed out their names as her orgasm obliterated her.

Logan followed her right over the edge, slamming into her one final time, pinning Elijah’s hand between their bodies as he came with a roar.


While Sam and Logan fought to catch their breath, Elijah remained where he was. He kept his hand on Sam’s stomach as Logan slid to her other side. He was hesitant to look at the man, not sure what he was going to find. Touching Logan had been a serious risk, something he had never intended. He’d been so caught up in that moment, so turned on by watching Logan fucking Sam, he hadn’t given it much thought.

Never before had he been inclined to touch a man, but he would admit—at least to himself—that it had been building for a while now. Years, maybe. But only where Logan was concerned.

He blamed his curiosity on the easy relationship they shared. They were bonded by their love for Sam, brought closer by their desire to take care of her, to love her, to pleasure her. And though Elijah had never been attracted to a man before, he found a curiosity about Logan that he couldn’t seem to shake. It had grown more intense these past couple of years, and until today, he’d been able to ignore it.

“That was…” Sam exhaled. “That was so hot.”

Elijah refused to look at her or Logan, instead staring down at his hand where it rested on her belly.

“I’d have to agree,” Logan said, his voice rougher than usual.

Elijah’s gaze darted over. Logan was lying on his back, his arm draped over his eyes.

“Which part?” Elijah asked, keeping his tone light.

“For one, waking up to both of you in my bed,” she said.

Yeah, Elijah would agree. He did enjoy the idea of waking up every day to Sam, not just on his dedicated days.

“Then the taking turns thing…” Sam giggled. “A girl can get used to that.”

Elijah choked on a laugh. “You sound spoiled.”

“Oh, I am. Most definitely.”

Figuring that was where the conversation would end, Elijah leaned in to kiss her shoulder, preparing to get out of bed and head for the shower, but Sam stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“The hottest part, though?”

He pretended to adjust the sheet to avoid eye contact.

“Was when you fucking touched me,” Logan growled. “Holy fuck.”

Elijah stilled.

“God, yes,” Sam agreed. “I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard before.”

“Me, either,” Logan chimed in.

Because he had no desire to get into an in-depth conversation about what prompted him to do it, Elijah forced a laugh and rolled out of bed. He padded toward the bathroom since this was the room he’d chosen for himself. He relieved himself then got into the shower.

He was grateful no one intruded on his moment because he needed a minute to get his bearings.



Chapter Four



When Elijah disappeared into the bathroom, Sam turned to Logan. She watched him as he lowered his arm and opened one eye to peer over at her, evidently sensing she was staring at him.

“Yes?” he drawled.

“That was insanely hot, right?” she whispered, unable to contain her excitement.

“It was.”

She watched him, wondering if he would elaborate. Of course, he didn’t.

“Wow,” she said, falling back again. “Not sure what’ll top that.”

“Sam.” His tone was etched with warning.


“Don’t push this.”

She turned her head his way. “Push what?”

“Let it be. If it plays out, it plays out.”

“Are you saying…?” Sam wasn’t even sure what question she wanted to ask. Was her husband actually saying he was interested in something more from Elijah? Perhaps a little man-on-man action?

“I’m saying let it be.”


“I’m not discussing this with you right now,” he grumbled. “Let it go for now.”

She found herself left with no choice when Logan got up from the bed and padded out of the room. Her gaze bounced between the bedroom door and the bathroom door while her brain continued to process what had transpired.

Never in the seven years that the three of them had been together had Elijah or Logan touched one another so … so intimately. Sure, there was touching involved, but it was the natural kind. One man moved against another when changing positions and whatnot. But that wasn’t what had happened. Elijah had deliberately stroked Logan’s cock with his knuckles while Logan had been fucking her.

Just the thought had a shiver racing through her and a torrent of dirty, filthy fantasies racing through her brain.

Of course, Logan’s words were now echoing in her head, too.

Let it be. If it plays out, it plays out.

Let it be? Was he serious? Did he not know her at all?



By the time midafternoon rolled around, Sam was beginning to feel a bit antsy. Part of that was due to the fact they hadn’t been able to get out of the cabin due to the weather. Instead, they’d passed the time relaxing. She had curled up with a book, taken a nap, vegged on chips, then taken another nap. All in all, she had managed to while away three whole hours. When Logan had woken her to see if she wanted a late lunch, she had opted for a shower while they cooked.

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