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Six of a Kind (Kind Brothers #7)(7)
Author: Sandi Lynn

She opened the sliding door and went back into the house. A moment later, she walked out and threw a hundred on the table.

“If I had to guess, I’d say Jackson.”

“That’s right.” Simon grinned as he pointed at her.







The first thing I did when I got home was open all the windows in the house. As much as I enjoyed Cabo, it was good to be home. I took my luggage upstairs and unpacked before doing anything else. When I finished, I took a shower, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a beer, and sat on the patio.

“Welcome back, cousin.” Sam grinned as we did a bro shake.

“Thanks. It’s good to be home.”

“How was Cabo?”


“It truly was.” Conner smiled as he walked over. “Hey, Sammy.” They fist-bumped.

“How are Julia and the twins?” I asked him. “Did they recover from the flu?”

“They did. They’re all feeling much better.” He smiled.

“Conner, go grab some more beers out of the fridge.”

“I got them,” Nathan said as he walked over. “Are the rest of the guys coming over?” he asked Sam.

“Yeah. I think so.”

After Nathan grabbed the beers and set them down, he sat with the rest of us.

“So, spill the beans.” Simon grinned as he walked over, grabbed a beer, and sat in one of the chairs.

“About what?” I asked as I brought the bottle up to my lips.

“Who did you meet? Who did you take back to your suite? We want all the details.”

“Why? So, you can live vicariously through us since you’re no longer on the market?” Nathan smirked.

“No, douchebag.” Simon flung his bottle cap at him. “I’m a happy man engaged to the woman of my dreams.”

“Yeah. A woman who can kick any one of our asses.” Conner laughed.

“She can, and don’t you forget it.” Simon pointed at him.

“These two douchebags hooked up with a couple of women,” I said.

“And you?” Sam asked. “Did you succeed with the woman who kept kicking you in the balls?”

I took a sip of my beer. “I did.”

“We knew you would.” Stefan grinned as he held up his beer bottle.

“Name?” Shaun asked.


“And what does Miss Nikki do?” Sebastian asked.

I shrugged. “How the hell do I know? We didn’t talk. She left right after because she had to catch an early morning flight.”

“To where?” Sam asked.

“No clue. Didn’t ask and didn’t care.”

“Don’t let our big brother fool you,” Conner said. “He wouldn’t even look at another woman after Nikki left.”

“Is that true?” Simon cocked his head.

“No. Nobody else caught my attention the rest of the trip.”

“So, your interview with Georgia is tomorrow at ten o’clock, right?” Shaun asked.

“Yeah. I’m really excited to meet her.” Conner grinned.

“And that you should be.” A smirk crossed Simon’s lips.

“Why?” I grabbed another beer.

“You’ll see.” Stefan smiled.

“She’s hot as fuck, isn’t she?” Nathan asked.

“She’s a beautiful woman,” Simon said.

“Why thank you, detective.” Grace smiled as she walked up and wrapped her arms around Simon’s neck.

“He wasn’t talking about you, Grace.” A grin crossed Stefan’s face.

“Shut the fuck up, douchebag.”


I chuckled when she tightened her grip around Simon’s neck.

“Babe, you’re choking me.”


“I was talking about Georgia.”

“Oh! That’s okay then. Yes, she is a very beautiful woman.” She released her grip on him. “The three of you better behave yourselves in her presence.”

“We are professionals, Grace.” Nathan smirked.

“Uh-huh. You’re also single men on the prowl. But you should know she hates doctors. So, if you’re planning on trying to get her into your bed, you can forget it.”

“I have to say, Grace. I’m disappointed you don’t think very highly of us,” I said.

“Don’t get me wrong, Jackson. I think very highly of all three of you. You’re excellent doctors, but you’re also men. Not to mention that you have the Kind blood running through your veins.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Simon’s brows furrowed.

“You know exactly what it means.” She kissed his cheek and walked away.

“Haha. She’s right.” I chuckled.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter how beautiful this Georgia woman is. Nothing is going to happen. Right, bros?” I glanced at my two brothers.

They sat there and stared at me as if they didn’t understand.


“Yeah. Right. It would make for an awkward work environment,” Conner said.

“Nathan?” I cocked my head.

He put his hands up. “I can’t make any promises. As much as I want to, I just can’t. Shit happens. We all know it. Look at them.” He pointed to our cousins.

“Us? What about us?” Sam asked.

“You slept with your assistant, you slept with your nanny, you slept with your neighbor, you slept with a woman you invited into your home, and you,” Nathan pointed at Shaun, “I do believe you slept with Jenni only to get to the rest of the family.”

“Ha, he has a point.” Conner laughed.

“Well, it’s not happening in our medical center. There will be no sleeping with the staff. It’s a recipe for trouble and disaster. You two should know that considering the few messes you got yourselves into by sleeping with some of the nurses at the hospital.”

“But it’s our medical center, and we can do what we want. We make the rules.” Conner smirked.

I reached over and slapped the back of his head. “Stop being a douchebag.”

“Damn, bro. Knock it off.” Conner’s brows furrowed as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Anyway, why does she hate doctors? She is a doctor,” I spoke.

“She hates male doctors. I don’t know the whole story, but she was engaged to one back in New York, and she broke it off,” Sebastian said.

“So, she’s a male doctor hater? I can fix that.” Conner grinned.

Before I could slap him in the back of the head again, he grabbed my wrist.

“Well done, brother.” I smirked.

“I’m picking her up tomorrow and bringing her to the medical center,” Shaun spoke. “So, I’ll be there to keep an eye on those two.” He pointed to Conner and Nathan.







I was nervous as hell as I stood in front of my full-length mirror and stared at myself. There was no reason to be nervous except that the three men interviewing me had the fate of my life in their hands. If I didn’t get the job, I’d have to start a new search, and I wasn’t sure how long that would take. I needed to make a good impression. People loved me, so there wouldn’t be any reason for them not to bring me on board at their center.

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