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Six of a Kind (Kind Brothers #7)(9)
Author: Sandi Lynn

“My house. Seven o’clock. Sebastian, bring Emilia with you.”

“What’s going on, bro?” Simon asked.

“You’ll see.” I sent the smiley face emoji.

“We’ll be there,” Sebastian replied.

“So will I,” Sam replied.

“See you at seven,” Stefan replied.




As soon as I left the conference room, I went to my office and shut the door. This was unbelievable.

“Fuck!” I placed my hands on the top of my head as I paced around the room.

I was never supposed to see her again. But there she was, standing in the doorway of the conference room, looking as beautiful as ever, and she was a doctor. She lied about her name, and that pissed me off.

“Bro,” Conner said as he opened the door, and he and Nathan stepped inside.

“Don’t.” I turned around and pointed at them. “She is not working here. We’ll find someone else.”

“Why? Because you fucked her one night in Cabo? Who cares,” Nathan said.

“Exactly. She’s everything we need. I called her boss over at Mount Sinai, and he had nothing but impeccable things to say about her. He was distraught when she quit,” Conner said.

“I don’t care. She’s not working here. End of discussion.”

“Why? Did she do something to you that you’re not telling us?”

“First of all, she lied about her name, and second—she—I just don’t want her here.”

“Who cares about the name thing,” Nathan said. “We’ve all lied to women we’ve had one-night stands with.”

“And we never usually see those women again, let alone work with them!”

“There’s more you’re not telling us.” Conner pointed at me. “I think she affected you in some way. I saw it the next morning, and I saw it when we walked into that conference room.”

“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” I waved my hand and sat down behind my desk.

“I hate to break it to you, Jackson, but if the majority votes on something, it’s done. Both Conner and I want Georgia to join the medical center. You don’t. The vote is two against one. That means she’s in.”

“If there weren’t more to this story, you wouldn’t be so hell-bent on keeping her out,” Conner said.

“Fine. You want her here? Then she’s in. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a patient in about fifteen minutes.” I walked out of my office.




I grabbed some bottles of beer and took them out on the patio. Jenni was out with Julia and the girls. Alex was working at the restaurant, and Grace was at the yoga studio.

It was seven p.m. when my brothers and Emilia walked over.

“Grab a beer and sit,” I said.

“Bro, what the fuck is going on?” Simon asked.

“I can’t stay too long in case Henry or Rori wake up,” Stefan said.

“Isn’t Lily home?”

“Yeah. But she can’t handle both of them. I told her to yell if one of them wakes up.”

“What’s this about?” Sebastian asked.

I pulled the six hundred dollars from my pocket.

“Remember our bet?” I asked as I held up the money.

“Yeah,” Sam spoke.

I handed three hundred dollars to Simon and the other three hundred to Emilia.

“Shut the fuck up! We were right?” Simon grinned.

“I don’t understand, Shaun,” Emilia said.

“Turns out that Jackson and Georgia slept together in Cabo.”

“No way!” Stefan exclaimed.

“Are you serious?” Sam asked.

“Yep. Only the two of them didn’t know who the other was. Georgia introduced herself to Jackson as Nikki.”

“Oh my God.” Emilia laughed. “Nikki is her best friend. She’s my friend too, but she and Georgia have been close since high school. Oh shit. She vowed never to sleep with another doctor again. I’m assuming Jackson didn’t tell her what he does for a living?”

“No. They knew nothing about each other.”

“Damn.” Simon smiled as he shook his head. “That sure as hell didn’t take long.”

“And now they’re going to work together?” Sebastian asked.

“We’ll see. Jackson looked pissed when Georgia walked into the conference room. He was not a happy man.”

“Kind of like Sam when Julia showed up for work?” A wide grin crossed Stefan’s face.

“Shut up, douchebag,” Sam said.

“So now what?” Simon asked.

“I don’t know. I guess we wait and see how things play out.”

“Maybe Sammy can have a talk with him,” Stefan said.

“Me? Why me?”

“Because you slept with your personal assistant,” Stefan replied.

“And you slept with your daughter’s nanny! At least Julia wasn’t living in the same house with me.”

“Shit. You’re right.” Stefan sighed.

“So, Georgia was the woman who kept kicking Jackson in the balls and turning him down.” Simon laughed. “God, I didn’t think this could get any better.”

“How weird is it, though?” Emilia said.

“What, babe?” Sebastian asked.

“Out of all the people in Cabo, those two find each other and hook up. What if something comes of it?”

“Nothing will come of it because Jackson won’t allow it. I feel bad for Georgia,” Sam said.

“So do I,” Sebastian spoke.

“Well, I don’t,” Emilia said. “I know Georgia, and she won’t allow anything to happen again. Shit. Maybe I should give her a call and see how she’s doing. I don’t think it’s so much that she slept with Jackson. I think it’s the fact that he’s a doctor.”

“I think you should wait and see if she tells you,” I said. “Do you really want her to know about this bet we made?”

“True.” Emilia sighed.

“Oh shit. Everyone act normal. Here comes Jackson,” Simon said as he shoved the money into his pocket.







When I got home from the medical center, I took a quick shower, changed, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and went out on the patio. Looking down the beach, I saw my cousins over at Shaun’s, so I headed over there.

“Jackson, my man.” Sam grinned. “How was your day?”


“Here, Jackson. You can sit here. I need to get home and do a few things,” Emilia said as she stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Emilia,” I said as I took a seat.

“How did your interview with Georgia go?” Simon smirked.

“It went fine,” I looked down.

“She’s hot, right? Didn’t we tell you she’s a beautiful woman?”

I glanced over at him and didn’t say a word.

“Are you bringing her on board?” Sebastian asked.

“Don’t have a choice. Conner and Nathan outvoted me.”

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