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Reckless Hands (Joey and Adora Duet #1)(8)
Author: T.L. Smith

“You adding stalker to your list?” She crosses her arms over her chest. She has small tits, but the gesture perks them up just a little.

“This is one of our restaurants,” I tell her. “I was coming to take payment and pick up food.” She doesn’t move as I step closer. “Join me.” I keep walking, and she follows behind as I go through the back door, the kitchen hand nodding his head in greeting as I enter. The chef gives me a small wave as his face pales.

“Do you get off on making people scared of you?” she whispers.

“They aren’t scared of me. They’re scared of what happens if they don’t make payment. It’s as simple as that. You pay, there’s no issue.” I shrug.


I almost want to laugh at her words, they’re so vulgar, but I like it.

“How was your date?” She steps closer while everyone in the kitchen moves around us as we wait at the end of the counter the chef is using.

“Who said I was on a date?” she bites back. She pushes her hair behind her ear, sucking her lip between her teeth as she rolls it.

“Are you telling me you weren’t? That was the same woman you were fucking in your bookstore, was it not?”

She scans the area and sees a few eyes on us.

I don’t care, it’s none of their business.

“Yes, it was her.”

“You told her you’re marrying me?” I ask, just to be sure.

“I did,” she answers as the chef comes over and slides a plate in front of me.

I look down at it and smile. “Chef, this looks amazing.”

“This one is a bit different than last time. It has specks of honeycomb throughout. I’m gonna add it tomorrow if you say it’s good.”

Adora looks at the chef. “Why do you care what he thinks of your cake?” she asks.

The chef looks at me, and I simply give him a small nod, which she doesn’t see as he continues to talk, “Joey, here, has the best palate for anything sweet. Maybe not savory, but sweet he knows.” He chuckles.

Adora’s eyes find mine as I take the first bite. It’s a mixture between a mud cake and a brownie—the honeycomb giving it an out-of-this-world texture.

“Best one yet,” I tell him, which earns me a smile.

“I was hoping so.” I offer the fork I just used to Adora, and her brows pinch together as she looks at it. She’s hesitant but slides the fork through the dessert before bringing it to her lips. I watch as the flavors hit her, and she moans loudly and almost falls as her eyes spring open.

Adora eagerly nods her head. “I don’t agree with anything this man says, but this is amazing.” She goes to take another bite.

“Why thank you, kind lady.” The chef bows before he walks off.

I remain where I am, watching her demolish the cake. She eats the rest, not offering me another bite. When she’s done, she smiles wide. “Now that’s a cake you could fuck to.”

“Fuck to?”

“Yeah, you know. You’re in the middle of fucking and you want to add some extra flavor, that cake is your girl.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I remove the plate from her hand. “In case you embarrass yourself and try to lick it clean.”

Adora’s hands fly to her hips. “I was planning on licking it clean. I’m pretty good with my tongue.”

“I’m sure you are.”

The chef walks back and holds out a box of cake. “For you, miss.”

She takes it, smiling gratefully, and peeks inside. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re sharing that with me,” I tell her.

Her stare is hard as she locks eyes with me. “That’s a hard no.” Then she turns and walks back to the door.

The manager comes through and hands me an envelope, but I don’t stay and talk. Instead, I walk straight out after Adora.

“I want to go tomorrow,” I tell her, and she stops halfway to her car.

“You what?” she asks, sounding confused as she turns around to look at me.

“I want to go tomorrow.”

“No, you aren’t allowed.” She shakes her head vehemently, and it makes me want to laugh.

“I don’t think we’re really following any sort of traditions,” I argue.

“I don’t want you there. It’s as easy as that.”

“Why not?” I press, and her shoulders lift with a deep breath.

“Because I don’t.” Her lips thin.

“You don’t have any family with you. Your only family is in Italy attending a boarding school. So unless you plan to put her on the next flight straight away, I’m your only option apart from your friend.”

“You aren’t my only option.” She smiles, but it’s not nice.

“So, you’ve invited your date, then?” Her smile falters, and she sucks air between her teeth. “I see…” I chuckle, turning her fake smile into a glare.

“You are a real ass, you know that?” she bites out. “Is this who you are? You read people?” She steps up closer, and I want to lean in and wrap my hands around her neck. Then I want to kiss the shit out of her.

Whoa? Where the fuck did that come from?

“You are the easiest to read, even if you try the hardest to hide it.” I grin and walk back to my car. “I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”

“Do not come,” she yells out after me.









I’ve been on edge all morning. I opened the bookstore, then came here to meet Becca. She’s dressed more casually today in jeans and a leather biker jacket. When she sees me, she leans in for a kiss, but I only give her my cheek.

It’s easy to see her confusion when she pulls back.

“Sorry, it’s a crazy day.” I shake my head.

“Do you want me to go?” she asks, and I hate that I hesitate to respond.

How badly I want to tell her yes.

I glance around and don’t see him anywhere.

Hopefully, he doesn’t show.

Now that’s wishful thinking, isn’t it?

“No, it’s fine.” I pull open the door, and a lady greets us, handing us two glasses of champagne as we walk in, and tells us to take a seat while she brings out a rack of dresses.

“The notes request white,” she comments at my confusion as I look at the dresses.

“Yes, that’s correct,” a deep voice I instantly recognize says from behind us, and my heart feels like it stops before it starts racing. Joey walks in and steps around where I can see him clearly. He turns to Becca and offers his hand. “You must be the sidepiece.” I hear a loud gasp of surprise from the bridal lady as Becca offers him her hand. I watch as her cheeks pinken at the sight of him.

He’s nice to look at, there’s no doubt about that.

Joey is handsome, rugged, and downright delicious. That mixture has you wanting him to call you a good girl or spank you hard for having an attitude. And I always seem to have an attitude with him, so I guess I’m in the latter category.

But it’s the way he watches and takes everything in.

He knows your moves before you do.

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