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State of the Union (First Family #3)(5)
Author: Marie Force

“What’s going on?” Nick asked when he came out of the bathroom.

“Jeannie and Matt are going to Richmond tomorrow to look into a lead on a missing-person case from eleven years ago.”

“Oh wow. Why did I hear you telling her you’re worried about it blowing up in your faces?”

“Because we were told to not pursue the case.”

“Um, why?”

“Remember how I solved one of Stahl’s old murder cases in an afternoon?”

“I do. That was amazing.”

“I agree, but the press is making a thing out of how easily I solved a cold case, and it’s making us look bad rather than good. They don’t want another ‘easily solved’ cold case coming when the FBI is due to release the report of their investigation of the department next month.”

“Ah, I see.”

“But we have a girl missing for eleven years, and Jeannie thinks she’s maybe found the person who took her.”

“You’re going forward with the investigation despite the order?”

“Something like that,” Sam said with a sheepish look. “If she thinks she’s got something solid, we’ll call in the U.S. Marshals and let them take it over the finish line. That way, they get the credit, and we won’t have the press asking how many other cases are sitting on the back burner waiting to be solved once the MPD decides to give a shit.”

“What will Malone and Farnsworth say if they find out she’s in Richmond chasing down leads after they told you guys not to?”

“They won’t be happy, but as Jeannie said, how are we supposed to go on with our lives knowing we might’ve found this girl? She’s no longer a girl, but a full-grown woman now, if she’s even still alive.”

“Playing devil’s advocate… You could call in the marshals now and tell them what you have and let them take it from here.”

“We could do that.”

“But you’re not going to?”

“Jeannie is invested. I want to give her the chance to see it through, almost to the finish line.”

“You know what you’re doing, so I won’t question it. I’ll just say I hope it works out okay and that you guys find the missing girl without getting yourselves in trouble.”

“I’ll try not to cause any bad publicity for you.”

“I don’t care about that, and you know it. I care about you.”

“I’ll be fine. Jeannie and I both believe that finding that girl is what matters. And on that note, I’m back off duty and wondering how we should spend this unexpected moment alone on Christmas Day.”

“I thought we could start with this.” He handed her a long, slender package wrapped in gold paper with a gold bow on top.

“What is it?”

“Open it and find out.”

“I thought we agreed to one present this year?”

“I loved your gift, and I can’t wait for a weekend away together very soon.”

“And I loved the suede boots. They’re gorgeous.”

“I needed something more than the boots to properly thank you for everything over this last month and to butter you up for the next three years.”

Intrigued, Sam removed the paper to reveal a blue velvet Tiffany box. “What’ve you done?”

“I had a little fun. Open it.”

Sam lifted the lid on the box to reveal a stunning diamond bracelet. “Holy smokes. That’s gorgeous.”

Nick took it from the box and put it on her wrist. “Every time you look at it, I want you to remember how much I appreciate you—always—but especially lately. And I want you to remember how much I love you.”

“It’s beautiful. Thank you. How’d you manage to pull this off?”

“I had a little help from Tracy and Angela. They helped me narrow down the choices, but I made the final call.”

“You did good.” Sam held up her arm to let the bling catch the light from the fire burning in their fireplace. After hearing how much she loved the wood fireplace, the staff came in each night to light it for her before bedtime. Since it was a holiday, they’d done it early. At first, she’d been worried about them coming in unannounced, but the staff never entered the occupied suite unless they’d been asked for something. They had an almost supernatural ability to know when to stay away.

“Last night and today were fantastic,” Nick said, kissing her. “Thanks for all you did to make it happen.”

“That was mostly Gideon and the staff.”

“But it was your idea.”

“That was the easy part. The staff gets the credit for bringing my idea to life.”

“I hope we can do it every year that we’re here.”

“That would be nice,” Sam said. “Everyone seemed to enjoy it.”

“They were dazzled.”

“This place is rather dazzling.”

“Nothing was more dazzling last night than my first lady.”

“She did look rather smashing, didn’t she?” Sam asked with a laugh.

“She was the belle of the ball, the apple of my eye, the love of my life.”

“Sigh. You know I’m a sure thing, right?”

Nick laughed. “I never take that for granted.”

“You probably could at this point.”

“I never will.” He stood and held out his hand to help her up so he could remove the sweater and leggings she’d worn for the morning festivities. Her bra and panties landed on the floor with the rest of her clothes, and Sam pressed her naked body against his. “Let’s go by the fireplace.”

“Wherever you want, love.”

Sam grabbed a pillow and throw blanket that they snuggled under next to the fire. “You have no idea how badly I needed some time alone with you after these last few insane days.”

“I think I have a small idea.”

Sam wrapped her hand around his erection. “There’s nothing small about it.”

His laughter turned to a groan as she stroked him, letting the diamond bracelet rub against his sensitive flesh. “Sam…”


“Don’t finish me off too soon.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Mr. President. You’re not the boss of me.”

“Ain’t no one the boss of you,” he said, quoting Joe Farnsworth’s famous comment to Sam.

Sam laughed. “That’s right, and don’t you forget it.” Determined to help him relax, she bent over him and took his cock into her mouth, using her lips, tongue and hand to bring him the ultimate pleasure. She’d avoided that act with other guys. But like everything else with him, she loved the way he reacted when she did it—and she enjoyed knowing he wasn’t thinking about anything else but her and them.

With him carrying the weight of the free world on his shoulders, it was important to her that he get as much reprieve as possible, and she loved being the only one to give him a full escape from the unrelenting pressure. She viewed managing the president’s stress as her most important role as first lady.

The phone on the bedside table rang, the one he was supposed to answer no matter what.

He groaned. “Please don’t stop.”

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